Cleveland County Oklahoma GOP Precinct Meeting Feb 1, 2011

What is this all about?

ONLY elected precinct committeemen get to vote for the leadership of the Party. Do I yet have your attention? Ponder the fact that ONLY elected precinct committeemen get to elect the Party leadership. Don’t you want to have a vote in those elections?

About 3,141 counties exist in the United States. Each has a county party organization. And, those county organizations almost always endorse candidates in the party primaries. And, usually, those party-endorsed candidates win. Tired of the kind of Repubican In Name Only Republicans who are winning the primaries? Then DO SOMETHING REAL and become a Republican Party precinct committeeman!

Read more from OK-SAFE’s Blog which has a good explanation of what a precinct election (meeting) is for  and why you need to participate as well as resources for you  HERE

What Precinct are you in? Click on the map or the link below and type in your information and get your precinct number.


The CC GOP mailer must be glitch-y because I seem to miss most of these important notices.  I am re-posting this message in its entirety from the CC GOP Chair here for others in case their notice is similarly lost in cyberspace.(A big Thank You to my fellow CC GOP’er who kindly forwarded me this important info!)

Here is the Precinct Meeting information for Cleveland County

Message as follows:

The State Party has requested that all County Precinct meetings be held on Tuesday, February 1st.

Purpose of County Precinct meeting is to elect officials: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Youth Coordinator, and Senior Republican Coordinator for a two year term.

Discuss current issues and vote on questions. Vote on the type of delegation.  The two types are delegate-alternate, or open. Rule 16h.  It is suggested that each precinct go as an open delegation.

At precinct meetings there is no such thing as a “quorum”.  To be a delegate you must be a registered republican. Precinct Chair and Vice Chair are not automatically delegates

We will be having one central location meeting for everyone that prefers to participate in a group precinct meeting.  Precinct meeting at Southmoore High School, South Santa Fe & SW 28th/SW 30th

Meeting to be held in the Commons (cafeteria) area. Enter main doors East side.  Straight ahead (Commons) directly behind large staircase. Meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm. Please arrive by 6:45 pm

If anyone decides to have their meeting in their home they need to notify me ASAP with the address, time and precinct number so we can put it in the same publication with the central location article. If you do not provide me with your precinct information you will be responsible for publishing your precinct meeting.

The precinct information will be in the paper this Sunday. I need your information by Thursday 4:00 pm. Norman Transcript publish Sunday, Moore American publish Wednesday, Daily Oklahoman publish next week

If you are not participating in the county precinct meeting you will need to pick up your precinct packets prior to your meeting.  After the meeting, the Precinct Caucus Report should be filled out, signed by the Caucus Chairman and Secretary and mailed or hand carried to me, along with the Precinct Officials and Delegates to the County Convention Form, and resolutions adopted by the meeting, minute’s contributions, and other pertinent papers. I need the reports no later than February 9th. If received after February 9th may be declared invalid.

The credentials committee will need to certify all delegates prior to the convention.   You must attend your precinct meeting in order to attend the county convention or the state convention, if you plan on being a delegate.  If anyone has an emergency that keeps them from attending the precinct meeting, the precinct committee must vote to approve them as a delegate to our convention.

Register for County Precinct meeting by going to, right side under register.

Bobby Cleveland 517-5990

Cleveland County Republican Party Chairman



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