A4L Jan 14, 2011 “Trojan Triangles” Guest Vicky Davis SHOW NOTES

Jan 14, 2011 our  guest on AxXiom For Liberty Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen was Vicky Davis, a tireless researcher and former systems analyst shared with us some information that is frankly astonishing. (see notes below)

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Jan 15th-Today I have found a couple of articles that demonstrate that Vicky is certainly on to something big!

Economic Warfare and Hub States

In the wake of the Renault industrial espionage case–where there are now concerns that details of its new electric vehicle may have been acquired by Chinese interests–France’s industry minister Eric Besson said that the moniker “economic warfare” is an appopriate one for describing the new environment we are in. Reuters correspondent Peter Apps also reports, “Some analysts also suspect information theft may be helping China close the gap faster than expected as it builds a “stealth fighter” to rival Lockheed Martin’s F-22.”

The realization that the ability to project “hard” power rests even more on economic foundations–and that inflicting economic damage may be more important in pursuing one’s national interests vis-a-vis other states, led Ian Bremmer, the president of the Eurasia Group, to comment: “What you’re seeing is a change in the nature of what war itself means. It’s not going to be so much a matter of bombs and missiles as deniable cyberwarfare, corporate espionage, economic struggles. That’s going to be a particularly difficult environment for Western corporates.”

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Vicky Davis has been faithfully documenting the rise of global fascism and the decline of the American nation-state f0r years.  You can see some of her work at her blog site, Channeling Reality

On Friday we discussed what Vicky has coined the “Trojan Triangles” in Idaho, a topic that Vicky has painstakingly documented over the past six month.

The Trojan Triangle

Chinese company eyes Boise

As economic power shifts to Asia, Idaho’s location makes it a prime site for an industrial foothold.

A Chinese national company is interested in developing a 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone for industry, retail centers and homes south of the Boise Airport.

Officials of the China National Machinery Industry Corp. have broached the idea — based on a concept popular in China today — to city and state leaders.

They are also interested in helping build and finance a fertilizer plant near American Falls, an idea company officials returned to Idaho this month to pursue.

This ambitious, long-term proposal would start with a manufacturing and warehouse zone tied to the airport, and could signify a shift in the economic relationship between the two superpowers — a relationship once defined by U.S. companies like the J.R. Simplot Co., Hewlett-Packard and Morrison-Knudsen that would head to China to build and develop.


Show notes

Hear more from Vicky-Check Out-‘Become Vocal Local’ with Will Roberts.  The series starts June 23, 2009, Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 3 months or so.

Scroll down and you’ll see the archives list



“Slow Trigger, Fast Bullet” or How to Reinvent Government.

We touched upon the “Reinvention  of Government”,  a plan that began in 1993 under President Clinton.  If you have noticed that things just don’t seem to be working quite right with government at all levels, then this is a history refresher that will likely bring you some clarity.

**See the “Reinvention of America” series on Channeling Reality
National Partnership for Reinventing Government
(formerly the National Performance Review)

A Brief History

Vicky writes;

There is a difference between automating government processes and making government information available to the public and redesigning the government agencies and functions to fundamentally change the type of government.

People from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, IBM and GE were “partners” in Al Gore’s  “Reinvention of Government” that began with the National Performance Review in 1993.  The redesign of government is classic corporate redesign of systems for greater efficiency and control – centralization of control.

It transformed the federal government into a corporate structure – with the states being business management units.  And don’t let the networked structure fool you.

When there is a systems interface and the nodes are linked in a network, the systems are integrated and become effectively one system.

The power of control is in the information systems and the management of those systems.
The DLC and the PPI

The Democratic Leadership Council, and its affiliated think tank the Progressive Policy Institute, have been catalysts for modernizing politics and government. From their political analysis and policy innovations has emerged a progressive alternative to the worn-out dogmas of traditional liberalism and conservatism.

The core principles and ideas of this “Third Way” movement are set forth in The New Progressive Declaration: A Political Philosophy for the Information Age.

On Sunday, April 25, 1999, the President Clinton and the DLC hosted a historic roundtable discussion, The Third Way: Progressive Governance for the 21st Century, with five world leaders including British PM Tony Blair, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Dutch PM Wim Kok, and Italian PM Massimo D’Alema, the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and DLC President Al From.

21st Century Approach“… the structure of democracy needs new scaffolding–a new concept of how decisions are made, a new approach to the role of leadership and new methods and techniques to build shared vision….

“It assumes that there is a need to rethink what it means to be a ‘civil society’ and that the concept of the “common good ” must be more than an aggregation of individual rights…

“Any 21st Century approach to democracy will need a flexible framework in which diverse people can dialogue and not debate; in which systemic thinking replaces a linear project mentality….”

Consensus Democracy: A New Approach to 21st Century Governance


Then Vicky is shared with us some very relevant  information about a system she calls “Trojan Triangles”

Having grown up in a very different America, there was a high hurdle of history, culture and experience to scale before I could describe the Triangles with a succinct definition.  Even as I write this and knowing what I know, it’s still almost unbelievable. read more

With a current view of life in America, the system of the Triangles makes no sense.

In the global context, they make sense to the extent that they will provide the control points – and the training of the administrative class for the global system of socialist management of the community and local economy.

This program has  state governments courting ” Chinese businessmen who invest $1 million can obtain visas for permanent resident status in the United States. ” link

Now, I’m no geopolitical whiz but this whole program strikes me as a very bad idea.

The flawed EB-5 program

Over more than half a century, 12 million immigrants streamed into America welcomed by the words of Emma Lazarus engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty.
But welcoming the tired and poor was hardly on the minds of a small group of former government officials who helped design an immigration program to attract wealthy foreigners who could obtain prized green cards by investing $500,000 to $1 million in U.S. businesses.
The investor visa program was a little-noticed part of the Immigration Reform Act, a sweeping law that reshaped the country’s immigration policies.

America for sale
The investor visa program was controversial from the start.

Ten years ago, after the legislation was introduced, Rep. Doug Bereuter, a Nebraska Republican, warned: “If the [Senate] has its way, 4,800 foreign fat cats would be permitted to buy their way into American citizenship, contingent upon their employment of 10 American workers for at least two years.
“The issue goes to the heart of what we, as Americans, and our nation are all about,” he told
House colleagues. “This member would deeply regret to learn that our principles, our values and, indeed, American citizenship itself, is for sale to the highest bidder.”

Read More

This troubling program under the guise of foreign investment entangles more than state and federal officials, our schools and our children are tied into the mess as well.

Joe Esposito’s “Tangled Web”  SCANS, Workforce 2000 and other related documents

Listen to AxXiom For Liberty Friday night and find out first hand how it all plays out on the ground so you can recognize it for what it is in your state and take any of your  elected officials who are participating to task.


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