AxXiom for Liberty Jan.28, 2011 Guests: Matt and Janet Thompson

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Radio fro 6-8 pm CST

Friday – Jan. 28, 2011

Guests: Matt and Janet Thompson Owners of Narrogin Beef Producers in Narrogin, W. Australia

Show audio A4L_2011-01-28_128k.mp3

Kaye and I welcome a couple of “hometown” folks to AxXiom for Liberty this Friday to discuss property rights, Freedom of Speech, and government intrusions and usurpation of powers in Australia, America, and around the globe.

Matt and Janet’s story must be heard and understood, and it is a tragic one, for us to be armed with the knowledge required to turn back the destructive locomotive that is Government today.

We will also discuss a variety of topics ranging from upcoming Grassroots events, the Oklahoma biennial GOP Precinct meeting ruckus that is brewing, gov’t desires to implement a cash transaction verification and tracking system (Yes, that is correct…they want to know everything while letting We, the people, know nothing), to a rant or two about the cataloging and CONTROL of Human Beings.

ListenLive at fro 6 – 8pm CST.

Click below for the AxXiom for Liberty Flyer for more info:

A4l Friday Jan 28, 2011 Guests: Matt and Janet Thompson


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