New feature on AxXiom For Liberty Live “The IACP Report”

Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen on AxXiom For Liberty Live will begin to watch these watchers in earnest.

You may not know who the IACP is but you should!

Beginning tonight, The IACP Report will be a regular feature on our show.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police

The IACP is an international, non-governmental organization associated with the UN since the 1970’s. Billed as the world’s oldest and largest nonprofit membership organization of police executives, The IACP deserves credit for much of the bewildering changes taking place in the way the American justice system and policing works.

Intelligence Led Policing, a philosophy imported to the US from the UK, is preemptive in nature.  This form of policing has helped turn the UK and Australia into shameful surveillance societies and it is working the same magic on the US where it is jeopardizing the natural and legal rights of US residents. Intelligence Led Policing, admittedly based on utilitarian principles, uses social and behavioral engineering techniques to induce the social norms considered desirable by policy makers.

(Utilitarian theory proposes that the value of a certain rule must be that which secures the greatest benefit for the greatest number.)

Fusion Centers, suspicious activity reporting, were born of IACP policy.  The IACP, true to its adopted UN code of ethics, take the same stances on gun control that led to the loss of gun rights in the UK and Australia.

Tonight: the IACP promotes cash tracing tech-Homeland Security buys on.

Also the IACP pushes Internet Dragnets, Police Drones and more!

Listen live from 6-8 pm cst on Rule of Law Radio Network


One response to “New feature on AxXiom For Liberty Live “The IACP Report”

  1. Joe Lucas Is A Gun Grabber

    Cleveland County’s idiot-in-chief is a member. He was the lynchpin of the Joel Heinrich wannabe muslim terrorist attempt cover-up at OU.

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