Homeschoolers attempt to thwart Wilson’s legislative attacks

Via the Red Dirt Report

OKLAHOMA CITY – Laurette Lynn, a Tulsa mother of three who homeschools her children and is an advocate of homeschooling is concerned about two new Senate bills that look to reign in a lot of the freedoms Oklahoma homeschooling families now enjoy.

But with Sen. Jim Wilson, a liberal Democrat from Tahlequah offering up Senate Bills 393 and 394 – both of which would place onerous requirements on homeschooling families, Lynn said Wilson’s bills are an affront to her family’s personal liberties and freedoms. This is notable because Wilson’s own Wikipedia page notes that these two bills “would reduce and restrict the independent freedoms enjoyed by homeschooling families.”

For a link to SB 393, click here. For a link to SB 394, click here.

Originally from New York, Lynn and her family relocated to Oklahoma several years ago because they felt the state had a culture that “reflected some of the values that we found very important.”

But when she caught wind of Wilson’s bills, she was infuriated enough to put a video on YouTube – and the word is starting to get out.

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4 responses to “Homeschoolers attempt to thwart Wilson’s legislative attacks

  1. great story. We need to fire wilson!

  2. Your youtube video was good. I like to add being a “SUBJECT” you are a subject when you have a birth certificate. You now leave your regular living name and enter into subjugation of the govt via the STATE.. Placing you in their Jurisdiction now are their property.. as a homeschooler tutor from time to time , these are great things to teach.. being part of the govt’s system is the danger of loss of rights and independent thought. They lose control and the global mindset . They keep people in the game by fomenting various acts of treason daily. Traditional living and learning is the healthiest mindset a living being can pass on to others and feel worthy doing it. Dang its great to see something for america for once ~ cowboymav ~

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  4. Ms. Lynn,
    I sit on the Education Sub-Committee of the Republican Platform
    Committee each time and will be doing so between now and May
    the 7th. I have fought this fight before. I have enjoyed your you tube
    talk. My State Represenative is Chairman of the House Education
    Committee. Call me daytime 580-583-8388 or evenings 580-595-4960. I
    would like to visit with you on this. I sent my Rep Your talk on you-tube.
    She liked it.

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