Guns on campus would make OU safer

Article from the OU Daily
COLUMN: Guns on campus would make OU safer

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I was born and raised in Texas. I received my first rifle when I was 16, and I plan on purchasing a handgun and applying for a concealed-carry license soon. The Constitution guarantees my right to own a firearm, and state law allows me to carry that firearm provided I meet the criteria for the license. Allowing concealed carry on the OU campus would extend student and faculty protection rights to the location they spend a much of their time.

Allowing concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons on campus could have prevented the deaths of 33 people during the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, and it might have saved the 14 victims of the 1966 University of Texas sniper shooting.

It was because of incidents like these Texas Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) drafted HB-86. Similarly, Oklahoma Sen. Steve Russell (R-OKC) drafted and introduced SB-858, to allow concealed carry on campus.

“We have these gun-free zone signs on the edge of campuses, but all they do is prevent legal, law-abiding citizens from carrying guns on campus,” Russell told the Associated Press. “Those signs don’t do anything but create a cornucopia of defenseless citizens who become easy targets for these criminals.”

Obtaining a concealed-carry license in Oklahoma requires a lengthy application, background check and testing process so applicants can prove to the state they have the skills and knowledge required to carry a concealed handgun. Applicants with a criminal background or the inability to complete the requirements are denied the right to concealed carry.

According to the Campus Safety and Security Analysis Cutting Tool, 82 murders, 9,652 forcible sex offenses and 9,126 cases of aggravated assault occurred on U.S. college campuses from 2003 to 2009.

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One response to “Guns on campus would make OU safer

  1. He is so right on that one. I can only imagine the backlash he is going to receive from the libtards. Do ya remember what they did to the professor that wrote an opinion about how a woman should be registered because she could spread AIDS after she wrote an article about how gun’s should be registered.

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