Friday Feb 18 6-8pm cst AxXiom For Liberty Live with Guest Mark Lerner-Ending International ID

Feb. 18 2011 on AxXiom For Liberty Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen

Special Guest: Mark Lerner, Nationally recognized expert on biometrics and Co-founder of the Constitutional Alliance.

We are stealthily being locked into a national ID. To be precise, it’s worse than a national ID, it’s an international ID that uses technology to identify us by the characteristics of our very bodies.  If the implications of this fact are not immediately clear, understand that no one will be able to escape this system of human cataloging or inspection.

This is not about whether or not you trust your government.  A better question is do you trust all governments and do you trust them all both now and into the future to never abuse this ability to separate you or your loved ones from their ability to secure for ourselves the basic necessities of life.

That is the power a global biometric identification system will enable for all governments, over all of us living now and those who will come in the future.

Saying no is not enough-we need a solution, an alternative. We have one.

There is a straightforward and Constitutional means to validate identity without destroying the presumption of innocence which is the cornerstone in our system of justice.

The article below lays the problem precisely.

On Friday, Mark Lerner will detail the solution.

Real ID- The State to State Solution 2 18 2011

AxXiom for Liberty 6-8pm CST

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link to the audio of the interview

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How the U.S. Government Forged a Surveillance Society


2 responses to “Friday Feb 18 6-8pm cst AxXiom For Liberty Live with Guest Mark Lerner-Ending International ID

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  2. Now many of you thought twitter was so for the people. Pushed by the feeble false conservatives and possi glenn feeble beck. And others. Twit I was adamently hostile towards bc I knew then they were part of the human cataloguing. Then soon after the twit hype as if we didnt have any means of communication ?. Twits XXXX along niavishly but through addictive personalities and thd false push of media run stories leading us all on thinking we are doing great services. NOT. Only bout 10 percent is effective and thats added into the equation by Twit Teams. People trust govt and think its just a little this or that. No its evil and has no soul and based on the fictional man in the mirror. Image is just a tool they use to strip you. Human Cataloguing is another strip process and many were warned .What did I do ? I never Twitted even though it makes u feel like your left out. BUT who is really left out ? Not me or friends I warned. I use the same mode of communication as always. NATL ID is evil and for slaves.

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