Calling All Oklahoma 2A Advocates-Damsel in Distress!

*Adrienne will be our guest on AxXiom for Liberty Live Tonight!*

Well, this damsel can very likely take care of herself-off campus anyways!

Adrienne O’Reilly,the director in Oklahoma of Students for Concealed Carry needs some help persuading legislators to hear the bills that would allow her to take care of her own safety on campus as well as off.

I have a daughter who will be off to college soon and I know I would like her to have the option to be armed and safe!

Oh, and this is one of many instances already that make me wish our legislators had passed the open government rule on the first day of session.

Here is  Adrienne’s message:

This year in Oklahoma we have four bills filed that will allow concealed carry by licensed individuals on college campuses. Unfortunately, these bills are in danger of dying without ever being heard.

We need supporters to contact Senator Don Barrington, the chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee, and ask him to please schedule a hearing for Senate Bill 858, our general campus carry bill, and Senate Bill 896, our faculty carry bill.

As a young female, this issue is important to me because I am forced to work and attend class in an environment where I don’t have the ability to defend myself. Frankly, no matter what I do, I will never be as strong as my male counterparts, and a firearm is the only thing that will even the odds if someone were to attack me.

We need to let Senator Barrington know how important this issue is to Oklahoma voters. Please call his office and ask him to schedule Senate Bills 858 and 896 for a hearing.

Here is his contact info:

Capitol office phone: 405-521-5563

Room 515 in the Capitol building

If you have any questions about this issue or what Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is doing in Oklahoma, please feel free to email me at

Thank you for your time,

Adrienne O’Reilly
Oklahoma Director
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus


3 responses to “Calling All Oklahoma 2A Advocates-Damsel in Distress!

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  2. We need to defend ourselves. That right comes the day we are born . It’s a natural law issue.. The bill could be written better in my estimation. Carry and Conceal is a right and back in the day it was common as teeth brushing. Not long ago trucks had Gun Racks on them. I suspect there is a sinister reason why the laws in a state of indian territory are weak , they should not be weak as they have been .. Especially a traditional or conservative state . We are not slaves , we are people … We the people , which comes from our first peoples , the american indians .. We know what was done to our first peoples then , and the model used , it is being used still to this day .. I do believe the articles of confederation state we have sovereignty and the right to defend ourselves as a whole , what part of that has been lost ? Sovereignty can operate without DC just fine on its own , if people will learn of it . Freeing ourselves from govt is a hard task , but armed with the right info it can be easy and taken back. That was the only right that survived the declaration of independence .. The power to defend ourselves against other nations ( or in this case dc ) . The power of self defense was delegated to the united states of america when maryland ratified the articles of confederation. Article II of articles of confederation say each state retains it sovereignty , freedom , independence, and every power , Jurisdiction and Right which is not expressly delegated to the united states , in congress assembled. there is more to this .. but the fact of the matter is we can and should be able to carry for protection.. without harsh restraints and intrusions and licenses or long forms by govt . Even cops and other badge wearers make mistakes , so why the law to hamper the people.. Its simple , they want to disarm the people period ! ~cowboymav~

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