Oklahoma Texting and Driving Could Become Illegal

Kaye Beach
Feb 19, 2011
Notice that Officer Craig Murray says that even though the bill has not yet become law, police can cite you for inattentive driving if you are fooling with your cell phone and not paying proper attention  to the task at hand-driving.
So, one more time.  Can someone explain why this new law is needed???
Oh!  I remember now.

Feb 18, 2011
Texting and driving could soon be illegal in Oklahoma. The State Senate will look a bill banning texting and driving for all drivers, regardless of age. 

If the bill passes and you get caught texting and driving twice it could cost you up to $500.

We’ve all heard that texting and driving is dangerous and we can see drivers all around us constantly using their cell phones. 

“Although they are not illegal yet if you do something to cause your attention to an officer then he can stop you and write you a ticket for that,” says Tulsa Police Officer Craig Murray. (Emphasis mine)

Right now in the State of Oklahoma you can get pulled over while you are texting or talking on the phone, but the ticket will read inattentive driving, soon that may change.

You could be fined $175 for a texting and driving ticket.
How hard will it be to enforce for police officers?
“But if someone is down and there head is like this and you can tell that you are doing something or even one handed it’s pretty obvious that an officer is going to be able to determine, yeah you are not paying attention to the road, you are inattentive,” says Murray.
I believe what the officer is alluding to is that while it is not hard to determine that a driver is not paying attention it may be more difficult to determine what exactly the source of the distraction is.  In this most common case, the ticket would still be for inattention.  I will call officer Murray for clarification but one thing is certain-unless we give  law enforcement the ability to access time/date stamp data on the cell phone, in most cases they will be unable to cite the driver for texting.  This opens up a whole new can of worms and will likely require further alterations to existing law.

[. . .]Regardless of if you are reading a text or typing a text you still can get a ticket. It may be an inattentive citation, or if the bill passes, a texting and driving ticket.

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One response to “Oklahoma Texting and Driving Could Become Illegal

  1. There are 2 almost identical bill and it sure is deja vu-they have run the things for at least a few years now.

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