Fight For the Fighters-Meredith Dake on Breitbart Lawsuit served at CPAC

Kaye Beach

Feb, 20, 2011

I heard that Andrrew Breitbart has been served papers at CPAC but until now did not know any details about the lawsuit.

Although I have not yet finished going over all of the information and links, this information comes  from a trustworthy person.

We are bombarded with a thousand topics in which only the topical is touched upon.  Meridith has fully sourced this story to go beyond the soundbites.  For those who appreciate a deeper look, please read.


**This post is also going out in an email. That is why I have a lot of ‘long links’ and mention forwarding so much**

On February 12, after a long successful weekend at CPAC, CEO of Andrew Breitbart and editor of Larry O’Connor received papers from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia that they were being sued by a Shirley Sherrod, a central figure in the Pigford back-door reparations case, for defamation from a video that was released on Andrew Breitbart’s site 8 months earlier. The law firm being used to pursue this frivolous case is a large and prominent D. C. law firm and is indicative of the big money that is clearly funding this lawsuit. Before we get into the details, if you’re not familiar with Mrs. Sherrod and her association with Andrew Breitbart, know that she has been threatening a lawsuit since July 2010. Why is it that almost 8 months later she is now bringing this up after she had stated she moved passed the incident in a blog post with the NAACP? To understand that, we have to go back to the beginning. This story is long, complex, and exposes corruption of the people who hold the highest offices in this nation including the President himself. This lawsuit is an intimidation tactic to shut up Andrew Breitbart and his “Bigs” sites. It will not work if we fight for the fighters.

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5 responses to “Fight For the Fighters-Meredith Dake on Breitbart Lawsuit served at CPAC

  1. I would stand with Breitbart.

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  3. Thank god some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this writing

  4. I couldn’t think you are more right..

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