Oklahoma Committee Dictators Tibbs, Barrington Deny Hearing for Open Carry Bills

Kaye Beach

Feb 21, 2011

Time for some phone calls!

I don’t know about you but I am wishing that our lawmakers would have done the right thing by reinstating the open government rule at the start of session when it was offered.  These bills are only a couple of MANY bills that are smothered before they get the chance for a fair assessment.

53 Oklahoma legislators voted against the open government amendment but a special prize has to go to the ones that changed their vote under pressure.

The flippers included freshman* Rusty Farley, as well as Don ArmesJohn Enns, Mike Jackson, Charlie JoynerJason Nelson, T.W. Shannon, Todd Thomsen, and Colby Schwartz.  Excused during this vote were Seneca Scott, Purcy Walker, Leslie Osborn, Jerry Shoemake and Sue Tibbs.

Now-about those Second Amendment bills….

From OK2A

Open Carry In Trouble

Rep. Sue Tibbs, chairman of the House Public Safety Committee, and Sen. Don Barrington, chairman of the Senate Public Safety Committee, have both decided to deny a hearing for Open Carry in Oklahoma.  It looks like this session will be more of the same.  That is unacceptable.

This week, OK2A and other conservative groups will be working to force leadership to listen to the people and stop holding up good Second Amendment legislation.

But we need you to make phone calls and send emails to Rep. Tibbs and Speaker Steele and to Senator Barrington and the Senate President Pro Tempore Bingman.  Please tell them that Oklahoma needs to be an Open Carry state.

Sue Tibbs

Room 303-A
(405) 557-7379
Legislative Assistant:Vickie Thomas

(405) 521-2711 Ext. 127

District Address:
10902 E. 28th Street

Tulsa, OK 74129-7603
(918) 663-3915

Capitol Address
District Address
Senator Don Barrington
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 515
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Executive Assistant: Sandra Shelton
4506 N.E. Highlander Cr.
Lawton, OK 73507

Even liberal states like California, Massachusetts, and Washington have open carry laws.  There is no excuse for Oklahoma to not be an Open Carry state, yet we are one of only seven states to infringe upon this Constitutionally protected right.  Perhaps our elected officials need to be reminded that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution says, “…The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  The Second Amendment restriction against government infringement of the people’s right applies to all levels of government, including our state legislature.  Please call or email the people listed below and tell them to make Oklahoma an Open Carry state.  Also, please forward this email to anyone you know who is a supporter of the Second Amendment and ask them to do the same.

Speaker Steele:  (405) 557-7345 or krissteele@okhouse.gov

Representative Tibbs:  (405) 557-7379 or suetibbs@okhouse.gov

Your Representative:   the House Switchboard number is (405) 521-2711 or (800) 522-8502  – if you are unsure who your Representative is you can find out at www.lsb.state.ok.us.  If you know who your Representative is and want to find his or her direct line or email address, you may find it at this link, as well.

Senate President Pro Tempore Bingman:  (405) 521-5528 or birngman@oksenate.gov

Senator Barrington:  (405) 521-5563 or barrington@oksenate.gov

Your Senator:  the Senate Switchboard number is (405) 524-0126 – if you are unsure who your Senator is you can find out at www.lsb.state.ok.us.  If you know who your Senator is and want to find his or her direct line or email address, you may find it at this link, as well.


4 responses to “Oklahoma Committee Dictators Tibbs, Barrington Deny Hearing for Open Carry Bills

  1. I have already written these two dictators. Tibbs is truly a dictator in that last year when I emailed her, she forwarded that email to my employer as she used to work there prior to her rising to her mantle of power. It was her intent to shut me up, silence me, her intent was to revoke my 1st amendment rights through fear and intimidationl. I am not afraid of her, or anyone else on the face of this planet. I will not be shut down, I will not be coerced into silence. I urge you all to write Tibbs and Barrington. they need to hear from us, they need to read our emails, and our mails, and they need to meet us, face to face and explain why they do not have any trust in the good citizens of Oklahoma or why they do not respect the US Constitution! It is time to turn up the heat, but, respectfully.

  2. It would appear that this time around Rep Sue Tibbs, (R) and chairperson of the Public Safety committee has a co conspirator by the name of Senator Don Barrington who either dont trust the good citizens of Oklahoma with 2nd Amendment Rights, or they think they are above the Constitution. It should NOT be the right of one or two individuals to sit on and kill bills, not allowing them to come for a reading or a vote. It appears that Rep Sue Tibbs is trying to move up from a Rep to the position of dictator. Too bad that job is currently filled by President Obama. Bob E. Long, Tulsa, OK

  3. I urge all of you to write a letter to the newspapers, heck, I am even will to pay out of my pocket to take out a half page ad, to tell how these individuals are denying us, the citizens of OKLAHOMA and the USA, our Constitutional Rights to carry on campus, carry openly, or even just carry. Shame on these people!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is exactly what I expected to happen. It’s what happened last year. At the end of the election year session, they finally let something to the floor when it became evident that open carry might be a key issue in some close districts. It was a given that then-Governor Brad Henry would veto open carry, so they knew they could flip their vote on the override if necessary and claim that they voted for open carry, much like how Mary Fallin claimed she voted against the bailout.

    However, we do still have options for overriding these dictators. In the House, we have the Discharge Petition (Rule 7.12). In the Senate, we have the Withdrawal from Committee (Rule 12-20).

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