Patriot Act Extensions-here’s what our leaders voted for


2 responses to “Patriot Act Extensions-here’s what our leaders voted for

  1. We the people in ignorance are destroying our own republic by putting forth low grade candidates as our representatives.
    Is it too much to expect our elected officials to be able to read and comprehend our founding documents?
    They are certainly well compensated for their abominable behavior.

  2. We the people , don’t even need to look to the founding document , we need to look to natural right and law. The leaders are the threat to the nation, that should be clear by now? Congress know exactly what they are doing .. They don’t even abide by there own laws , let alone the organic concepts . They want a global system , what part of that don’t people get. We the people learned from our first peoples the truth of the govt. Broken promises and treaties should be the govt’s main motto. Chipping, tracking, licensing , land grabbing (again, under govt guise of eminent domain) , RFID tags, forced govt state schools, GMO foods, Red light camera’s and video, and the list goes on. All of goes against natural rights and law and sovereignty and common peoples way of life. And of a free peoples nation. Looks like crime coming from govt , not the people . cowboymav

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