The Grassroots in Nebraska discovers something ICLEI creeping across their state

Kaye bEach

Feb 25, 2011

GIN-Grassroots in Nebraska delves in.

From GIN:

What is Sustainable Development you may ask, and why does it constitute a threat to freedom?

There a number of groups who have been studying this movement much longer than we have who can provide more articulate definitions and we have provided links to some of those resources, below.  Sustainable development is the working name for a concept developed over a decade ago within the United Nation’s Agenda 21 program. While marketed mostly as an environmental movement, the goals are all encompassing and therefore impact the fundamental and inalienable rights of all people; life, liberty, and property.

[. . .]The Sustainable Development effort has been focused on impacting government policy at the local level. Visible signs of this impact can be found in such things long-term planning efforts such as “Vision 2015″ in Lincoln and a similar concept in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called “PlanIt Tulsa”, proposals of developments that include dense concentration of people in urban areas that focus on pedestrian, bike paths, and public transportation over passenger vehicles, and rewards-based recycling programs, just to name a few.

Taken separately, any of the few examples listed may seem like worthwhile ideas. Of course the very name for the concept sounds worthy, who among us does not want “development” that is “sustainable”? A refocus on any one of the examples, however, reveals some troubling issues. Long term planning efforts associated with Sustainable Development involve a very small number of people making decisions about other peoples’ private property, dense concentration of peoples with focus on alternate forms of transport are part of the state goal of Agenda 21 advocates to eliminate passenger vehicles, and recycling programs with rewards are proven gateways to forced recycling with fines systems.

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2 responses to “The Grassroots in Nebraska discovers something ICLEI creeping across their state

  1. Kaye, a friend of mine from Hammon in Roger Mills county that it is
    already happening here. I am going to call him.

  2. Ed,
    A good place to go for information is

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