Russell disappointed in Senate support for tort-reform bill

Kaye Beach

March 4, 2011

Sen. Russell says that when he has challenged Oklahoma Senators  define the term “tort” most could not.  But these same Senators  voted for the HB 863,  a so- called tort reform bill anyways.

The Red Dirt Reporter has the story.

Russell disappointed in Senate support for tort-reform bill

By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor

Posted: March 1, 2011

OKLAHOMA CITY — Appearing on the Radio Oklahoma Network’s Scott Mitchell Show radio program this past Saturday, State Sen. Steve Russell (R-Oklahoma City) addressed his vote in the Senate last week where he was one of the few Republicans to vote against a bill calling for un-Constitutional tort reform.

Red Dirt Report covered the debate over this bill and the comments made on the Senate floor by Sen. Russell and others.

The bill, SB 863, was authored by Sen. Anthony Sykes (R-Moore) and tepidly passed through on a vote of 29-18. Many Constitutionalists and Tea Party folks, as well as Democrats, have come out against the bill which now moves to the House.

Mitchell, who introduced Russell, noted that when Republican Senators were asked why they were “so hellbent on getting this done” and the supporters of the bill were offering up “mumbles” as answers.

Mitchell then noted that Russell, a strict Constitutionalist, is coming out in support of the 7th amendment, something this Republican-led bill does not consider.

“The right of redress of grievances has to be guaranteed in our Constitution, we can’t determine facts before the case is known,” Russell said. “And yet you have people who seem to have little concern that ‘We the People’ should be tryers of fact and juries … you set a pre-determined amount before you’ve even heard the facts of the case and this amount is extraordinarily low. I think it’s amazing that folks are just moving right along as if this isn’t even an issue, that it’s something we have to have.”

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2 responses to “Russell disappointed in Senate support for tort-reform bill

  1. I’ve know very few people who are strict constitutionalists. So I wonder which one he is a “strict constitutionalist” to ? These people are actually getting paid for being in office . Lol .. Wonder what his delightful thought on the articles of confederation are ? I doubt he even knows true sovereignty , and if he does welp he sure ain’t for it . They are all the same at the end of the day , Non are for the we the people . They are however for ” They themselves the govt.” ~cowboymav~

  2. It does not matter anyway . Simply because they are not bound to uphold , none of them have ever taken the proper article VI oath.. Which reminds me , this criminal govt wants americans to be “chipped” at every avenue and this is one of the worst crimes upon humans and our property. The organic constitution is higher than the corporatized constitutions. Those in dc who know that either don’t care or just plain stupid. Articles of Confederation are never taught the proper way and do more for the rights of the american people then the latter. Sovereignty should be more understood then the so called constitutions , which is their pack not the peoples pack if you truly think about it. They break their own rules and unlawful codes and statutes ( which are the mere force of law , But are not law ) . Resolutions fall into this category to . Sovereignty does more for the people’s rights and even privileges then anything we have now. The govt has never kept its promises , our first peoples ~ american indians ~ are still being erased and deleted from society , unless they walk with the mark of the govts. We will not except any of it, and will continue to shout out about it .And raise arms if needed . Considering all the chipping and dipping going on everyone of them is a violation of even the present amendments ( which they overstep it by using hidden verbiage and word deception or maj -ic). This govt has never protected the peoples law , common law and lied to us all. They protect for example the NON straights marriage , but not common law ? Talk about trickery . Both Common law and the non straights marriage fall outside the marriage defense act but the supposed man in the white house who is constantly usurping the laws feeble as they are , as he himself is not president of this nation. But protecting one and not the other as a point of legalese. And we were led to believe that house player is a constitutionalist. Please ! The law schools do exactly what they intended to do, teach the govts law and not the peoples law. Because if they did , it would mean and show how violating and wrong the laws are actually unlawful and it would EXPOSE so much lies and true history . Red Cloud ~ they keep one promise , they took our land …. . As all our people were used then , we are still being used and the ultimate goal is for one big govt .The illegal , unlawful 14 amendment is evil in so many ways as they trip over themselves to hide the many facets of it, however it to made the nations citizens into a new class of CITIZENS. I am a living being , not a fictional entity. Nor am I designed by fake software. Nor do I have to cover my tracks , for I am a living sovereign being ,whats say you america ? As far as tort, its sorta a little better then what we have but its not fully understood , and its made complicated bc if fully understood, it to would EXPOSE .. The nation is falling into the trap of chipping, just like they fell into the trap of the way govt doesn’t have to answer to the people but only to each other. ~ cowboymav~

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