Random News from Underdome

Kaye Beach

March 13, 2011

No editorializing. Just a random dust-up of resent news from the Oklahoma State Legislature.


Legislature should raise dropout age in Oklahoma
THE Oklahoma Senate wants to force teenagers who leave high school before graduating to lose their driver’s licenses. The bill’s sponsor is Sen. John Ford, R-Bartlesville. His singular goal is laudable: to reduce the thousands of youngsters in Oklahoma


Oklahoma House Passes Arizona-style Immigration Bill
Fox News
March 12, 2011

George Faught, R-Muskogee, who co-chairs a joint House and Senate committee charged with developing a comprehensive anti-illegal immigration bill. The bill stiffens the penalties for human smuggling and allows law enforcement to seize property used to

Sunshine Oklahoma government becoming more open
March 13,2011

Floor votes in the House and Senate will only be taken on bills where the amount of money being spent is specified in the legislation. “We want the people of Oklahoma to feel good about the processes here at the state Capitol,” said Speaker of the


Bill is an effort to save lives by cracking down on drunken drivers
The state Senate will vote soon on Senate Bill 529, also known as the Erin Elizabeth Swezey Act, by Sen. Clark Jolley, R-Edmond, and Rep. Jason Nelson, R-Oklahoma City. If enacted, a first-offense conviction of DUI would result in the mandatory use of


Bond issues get Oklahoma legislators’ cold shoulder
March 13,2011

The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs in Oklahoma City in December 2006. Photo By John Clanton, The Oklahoman Archive It remains an uphill task to get a bond issue approved for a new state Veterans Affairs Department building, said Rep.

Oklahoma looks to ban texting while driving
March 12,2011

BeHouse Bill 3250, which was passed by both the state House and Senate in March 2010, states that drivers operating a vehicle while “using a hand-held mobile telephone to write, send, or read a text message while the motor vehicle is in motion” can be


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