Calls needed! HB 2130 HUB, Health Care Exchanges

March 14, 2011

Currently, HB 2130 by Steele, is a key piece of enabling legislation dealing with the HUB board and the development of the Health Insurance Exchanges.  HB 2130 removes the Insurance Commissioner from oversight of the exchange and puts in place Dr. Terry Cline, OK Sec. of Health and Human Services, appointed by Gov. Fallin.

To recap:

On Friday, Feburary 25, 2011 OK Governor Mary Fallin issued a press release announcing “Oklahoma Will Accept $54 M “Early Innovator Grant” to Support Oklahoma-Based Health Insurance Exchange.”

Noticeably missing from the announcement is the fact that the “Early Innovators” grants are to fund implementation of the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure needed to operate Health Insurance Exchanges, a cornerstone of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare.”  More

OK Republicans Implementing “Obama Care”

Exchanges – Cornerstone of the PPACA

The creation of Health Insurance Exchanges is a cornerstone of  PPACA (ObamaCare), without which there would be no socialized health care plan.  The plan requires an IT infrastructure to be in place in order to function.  No Exchanges, no ObamaCare.

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OK2A has this to say about HB 2130:

This is not a gun bill, but it has implications of which gun owners need to be aware. This bill implements sections of ObamaCare in Oklahoma. The people of this state voted overwhelmingly last year to opt out of ObamaCare, which contains several provisions that are nothing more than backdoor attempts to register guns and gun owners. Not to mention, there are several provisions which would infringe upon the God-given Second Amendment rights of certain individuals.

HB2130 would implement the insurance exchanges that are provided for in ObamaCare. The talking points of proponents of this bill include claims that the Heritage Foundation said that these exchanges are okay. If that is true, perhaps we need to rethink whether we should listen to anything the Heritage Foundation says. The bill would also take control of the exchanges away from the elected State Insurance Commissioner and give it to an appointed bureaucrat that does not answer to the people of the state. It is a bad bill and needs to be defeated. Please call or email your Representative and remind them that we voted against ObamaCare last year and that you expect them to vote this measure down.

House contact information:
House Switchboard: (405) 521-2711 or (800) 522-8502

Find your Representative’s email address:

Unsure who your Representative is? Go to and fill out the form in the lower left corner of the page.


HB 2130 is likely to be heard on the House floor tomorrow.  Please call your representatives and tell them NO means NO!

They should vote NO!

Oklahoma Legislators Contact Information 

OK House Members 2011-12 – Click here.
OK Senate Members 2011-12 – Click here.

The Oklahoma Legislature website:
The OK State Court Network:


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