Misfire! Oklahoma House Open Carry Bill

Kaye Beach

March 17,2011

Although the House passed the Open Carry bill, HB 1647 late last evening (10:30 pm), something did indeed go awry.

NewsOK Reports:

Members voted 55-39 to pass the bill. A parliamentary procedure kept the bill from advancing immediately to the Senate.

A couple minutes later Bennett and other supporters of the measure realized they had been bamboozled.

“They caught us off guard at 11:30 at night,” said Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, a supporter of the measure. “We thought it had the word ‘or’ in it.”

Bennett said he was disappointed with all the parliamentary attacks on the bill, which were confusing.

Read more from NewsOK

If you would like to watch the proceedings for yourself go to


Choose “House Session – Legislative Day 22 Evening Session” and fast forward to about 2:47


The Tulsa World Reports:

Open-carry advocates say they were duped as weakened legislation passes Oklahoma House

OKLAHOMA CITY — A long night of lawmaking ended in an uproar just before midnight Wednesday, with open-carry gun advocates claiming they had been tricked into voting for legislation they didn’t want.
House leadership opposed the bill and kept it from being voted out of committee, but author John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, was able to gather sufficient signatures on what is known as a discharge petition to have the measure placed on general order — meaning it was eligible for a vote.

In the course of a procedural maze, Rep. Dan Sullivan, R-Tulsa, moved to adopt an amendment by Rep. Emily Virgin, D-Norman, that added the requirement that the person in fear of bodily harm obtain a protective order. Bennett, to the surprise of the bill’s opponents, accepted the amendment, and the bill passed as amended 55-39.
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3 responses to “Misfire! Oklahoma House Open Carry Bill

  1. Even in it’s original form, it should not have been pushed as an “open carry” bill. Maintaining the status quo (open carry unlawful by default) and providing a subjective defense is not a good idea.

  2. Lousy democrats. Sullivan is a slick something or rather. Might as well say only people 4 ft tall, bald headed and weigh 600 lbs get to enjoy their true 2nd amendment rights. But according to wilson and last year Smithson the folks with the protective orders are SILY COWARDS who ROAM the streets and are DANGEROUS individuals. Not my opinion but the opinion of YOUR elected DEMOCRATS. Wake up OKLAHOMA. Stop voting for RINO’s (rep in name only) such as Tibbs and Sullivan and also mean spirited name calling democrats such as wilson et al and start voting conservatively. Do what we the people elected you to do. Restore liberty and our rights!

  3. Not happy about this either… state critters have heard from me on this… Vote for Tea Party people… the real ones…

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