Update on Discharge Petition and HB 1647 Oklahoma Open Carry Bill

Kaye Beach

March 17, 2011

OK2A, along with almost 20 other conservative grassroots groups, began circulating a discharge petition for HB 1647, an open carry bill, at the  Oklahoma State Capitol the last week of Feb.  House rules allow for discharge petitions as a means to get a bill brought out of a committee for a vote on the floor if 68 Representatives sign.

The activists persevered and managed to get the 68 signatures needed.   Rep John Bennett presented their petition to the House earlier this week.

HB1647 was actually heard and passed by the House late  on.Wednesday.

Unfortunately the bill was altered by amendment offered by Rep. Emily Virgin (D-Norman) The amendment reportedly limits open carry to those with a protective order.

I am curious to  find out Rep. Virgin’s reasoning on this amendment.


If you would like to hear her explain itself go to


Choose “House Session – Legislative Day 22 Evening Session” and fast forward to about 3:47


2 responses to “Update on Discharge Petition and HB 1647 Oklahoma Open Carry Bill

  1. Let’s see, D-Norman = gun fearing wussie… Somebody with a VPO should be allowed to fact track a CCW.

  2. Until RECALL PETITIONS become the norm for reluctant politicians we will struggle with these bills.
    If your politician can not read and comprehend the Constitution, RECALL him or her.

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