Texas Grassroots Alert-the TSA No Groping Bill needs your help!

Grassroots Alert! HB 1937

Bill to stop the TSA from groping our wives and daughters in airports will be heard in committee this Tuesday. This bill clarifies that sexual assault is sexual assault–no matter who performs it. Just because the TSA is a government bureaucracy does not mean that they can touch our intimate areas without probable cause.

Not only does it violate our dignity, but it also violates the intent of the 4th Amendement in the U.S. Bill of Rights and Section 9 of the Texas Bill of Rights. Stop the abuse….stop the TSA! (read the bill text and find more info at SupportDignity.com)

“Treating travelers as criminal suspects and forcing innocent citizens to submit to unreasonable and humiliating searches without probable cause as a condition of travel violates Section 9 of the Texas Bill of Rights and the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” — State Rep. David Simpson

We need your help! We need as many calls to flow into the capitol as possible to encourage the members of this committee to support traveler dignity and stop the TSA’s abusive practices. The committee will hold a public hearing this Tuesday, March 22nd, in the afternoon, so call on Monday!

Want to really help? Show up to the capitol on Tuesday and support this bill in person at the hearing! Email us at info@SupportDignity.com for more details.

Below is a list of the key committee members:

Rep. Pete Gallego – Committee Chair – 512-463-0566

Will Hartnett – Vice Chair – 512-463-0576

Rep. Cindy Burkett – 512-463-0464

Rep. Stefani Carter – 512-463-0454

Rep. Yvonne Davis – 512-463-0598 

Monday: Phone Calls

Tuesday: Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Hearing, JHR Building, Room 120(Corner of Congress & 15th)

(Simply showing up to this hearing will help with the effort, please join us if you can)


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