States Should Not Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges (as required by ObamaCare)

Kaye Beach

March 22, 2011

Excellent article about the  Health Insurance Exchanges.

Read it, then read about the Oklahoma Health Care Exchanges and other federal Health Care Reform measures being implemented;

Republican-led OK House passes HB 2130, an “ObamaCare” Enabler

Warning.  The following Post is Rated R



States Should Not Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges (as required by ObamaCare)

March 13, 2011

By: Tamzin A. Rosenwasser, M.D.,

While the supposed purpose of an exchange is to help consumers find the health insurance product that best meets their needs, such a product is not likely to be found there. Rather, the exchange will just offer a limited line of government-approved products—rather like a store that sells only various sizes of blue pajama-like garments in a totalitarian state.

The ObamaCare bill requires states to satisfy the Federal government that they are setting up these exchanges by 2013, or the Federal government will force the state to use a national exchange, created and run by the Federal government. In either case, insurance companies will be companies in name only, their directors, pawns of the government. A name for that type of arrangement is Fascism.

Regardless of which entity sets up the exchange, the Department of Health and Human Services is given power to determine minimum requirements for medical services of all kinds, including the people who provide the services, as well as what the patient pays. The head of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners task force on exchanges has called for banning the sale of individual insurance policies, possibly because these exchanges bring new complexities of security, integration, processing, updating and verifying information concerning eligibility, income, billing, and exemptions, among companies, states and state agencies, the IRS, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Social Security Administration, just to name some of the complexities.

Eligibility for ObamaCare’s health insurance subsidies depends on income, so there will be an intrusive verification of income, family size, smoking status, and so on.

The exchanges themselves cost tax money to set up, but the bill requires them to be self-sustaining. Since the bill mandates requirements that many companies and customers will likely find distasteful, the exchanges embody a fundamental instability, which nothing but force can resolve.

If ObamaCare persists, exchanges will be bureaucratic nightmares. If it is repealed or declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, states that set up exchanges will just have wasted time, money, and effort.
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2 responses to “States Should Not Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges (as required by ObamaCare)

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  2. This goes against the true nature of sovereignty.. If the people are sovereign then we should act like it . Stop letting dc rule with iron and fire. All this goes with the ID and all its evil markings . Oklahoma needs to be a leader in paving way to stopping all the deathcare of the usurper in the white house and all their cohorts agenda’s. The states need to understand the true state powers. States don’t have rights, they have powers and its time to stop dc and all its criminal actions. The constant rewriting of bills has wasted valuable time and forces people into the game and continue to strip away the rights of the people by god and natural law. This deathcare and its hidden others, has gotten too far and should not have been stop by any means needed. Oklahoma is unique because first and for most it is true indian territory. And from that perspective it is more unique than any other of the states in the nation. Therefore using the sovereignty in that manner , would be quite welcoming particularly tribal sovereignty . Our first peoples have in common with what the south states have in common. Perhaps we should take a look . Our southern and indian culture are the last real bastions of the traditional american way . Both understand and have been lied about by the north aggressions tactics and both have been fighting ever since. I see renewed high and a way to bring back the states sovereignty and to use the powers it has. As our rights are given by god and natural law. States don’t have rights but they do have powers , when we fully understand the true concepts we can then fight and put dc back in the box where it belongs . Both the right and left have participated in foul play and have done hard damage to this nation. Because it appears they are one in the same Halito !! ~cowboymav~

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