Tulsa GOP moves further right at convention Saturday

Kaye Beach

March 27, 2011

As Reported by the Tulsa World;

“Tulsa GOP moves further right at convention Saturday”

They say it like this is a bad thing…

The Tulsa County Republican Party moved further to the right at its biennial convention on Saturday, adopting a series of measures intended to enforce greater discipline on elected officials and party members, and voting down every candidate associated with the more moderate old guard.

Michael Bates,Tulsa  Batesline blogger,  characterizes the split (more accurately in my opinion) this way;

“The dispute boils down to this: Principle vs. partisanship. Should the party organization back anyone with an R after his name, or should “protect the brand” by insisting that the R actually mean something?

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Speaker after speaker hammered Fallin and GOP legislators for backing the use of a $54 million federal grant to design and implement a health care exchange – a web-based informational system designed to help individuals and businesses find affordable health insurance.

Read more from this Tulsa World article at http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=16&articleid=20110327_16_A19_CUTLIN208875&allcom=1

From the Oklahoma Truth Council;

Fallin Supporters Continue to Attack Conservatives

Kirk Humphreys call them “Nuts”

Don’t count Kirk with the “Conservative Nuts” 

The attacks on those who oppose government-run healthcare continued over the weekend when Fallin supporter Kirk Humphreys stated on Flashpoint that, “some people in my party just want to be mad all the time…” “every family has a few nuts in it…” After trying to pass off those who question Fallin’s decision as nuts, he continued to explain the logic of taking the money, “what happens if she doesn’t take it… they’re going to spend it somewhere else… so if they are going to tax us, go in debt, let’s take our share.”

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and one more…

Democrats thank Fallin for health-care exchange
OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Democratic Party Central Committee formally commended Republican Gov. Mary Fallin on Saturday for her support of a health-care exchange.

Read more from this Tulsa World article at http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=16&articleid=20110327_16_A19_CUTLIN208875


5 responses to “Tulsa GOP moves further right at convention Saturday

  1. Which ticket was she running on anyway?

    Somebody remind Mary Fallin that the GOP is for constitutional limited government quickly please before she gets us all trapped and encumbered with Obamacare/OFallincare.

    BTW What happened to that court case that Pruitt was supposedly working on? I cannot find any recent activity on that. Was that empty campaign rhetoric or am I missing something here???

  2. This is what I have been seeing as I have been a Constitutional Conservative attending Platform Committee meetings for the past
    16 years. Sometimes I would wonder if there might be some democrats
    that came in. No, they are just RINOS. I applaud the Tulsa County
    for their stance. God Bless Oklahoma. We need him very much. Just
    as we have all three offices. It is a shame.

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  4. Stephanie West

    Channel 9 morning news announced that Gov. Mary Fallin is going to be on the 6:00 AM, live news and we can text our questions to her @


  5. My concerns about Mary Fallin have been realized. 1. She’s misinformed 2. She’s in the Chamber’s clutches 3. She does not even pretend to represent the interests of most Oklahomans 4. If she really is a Republican then, I fear she’s an extreme Rockefeller republican. Further the philosophy that if we don’t take the money – then someone else will get it is just plain naive and reckless. Think about the strings you are committing yourself too when you take the money. Remember the money is money taken from citizens to be used to regulate the citizens’ health care choices and behaviors. So you tax me to get the money to control me. Don’t you love it?

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