Oklahoma Senate won’t hear health insurance exchange bill —-BALONEY!

Kaye Beach

March 31, 2011

Transformation! It’s going to get ugly…..

As eported March 31, 2011;

The Senate won’t hear a bill championed by Gov. Mary Fallin that would help create an online state health insurance exchange, Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman said today.

House Bill 2130 would set up a board to oversee development of a website for Oklahomans to shop for health insurance policies. The website is commonly referred to as a health care exchange.

Read more: http://newsok.com/oklahoma-senate-wont-hear-health-insurance-exchange-bill/article/3554149#ixzz1ID67VAFV

The following information is provided by OK-SAFE;

The press release by Sen. Brian Bingman mentioned today on 1170 KFAQ is noted below.  Without mentioning any bill numbers, the release implies that the state is not moving forward in developing the health insurance exchange. This is incorrect – the legislature is just changing tactics.

HB2130, creating the HUB board governance over the implementation of the health insurance exchange, is reportedly ‘dead’.  HOWEVER, according to Sen. Bill Brown’s office the “language they like” in HB 2130 is going to be put into another bill.  This language is going to be added to HB 1996, by Rep. Dan Sullivan.

Link to HB1996 current status:

HB 1996 is assigned to the Retirement and Insurance committee, chaired by Sen. Bill Brown. (See committee members below.)

SB 411, by Sen. Bill Brown/Moore of the House – creates a comprehensive health care information system and website.  This is a key component of the exchange and so needs to be stopped. This bill is currently in the House waiting to be put on the House calendar.

SB960, by Sen. Bill Brown, a redundant bill creating an insurance exchange is dead.  This bill never had a third reading in the senate and has missed the deadline to be heard.

Attached please find the Oklahoma Health Benefits Overview Logical Model (the IT support structure necessary to make the health benefit exchanges work, to be develop with the federal grant money).  This diagram was in a packet of information handed out by the OK Health Insurance Exchange Steering Committee on March 3, 2011.

This IT model is the template for the exchange.  Note the creation/linking of a National Health Identification Card to one’s bank. (Bottom middle of diagram.)


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