Persistance. . .

From theThe Red Dirt Report:

Tax Day Tea Party events in Central Oklahoma taking place Thursday (South Plaza Oklahoma Capitol 9:30 am)

Al Gerhart, with Sooner Tea Party, told Red Dirt Report that he has been “under attack” from other Tea Party folks and conservatives and is “not getting their support” for this year’s Tax Day Tea Party.

However, Gerhart says he is not discouraged.

“I know it’s risky but it needs to be done,” he said of the Thursday morning event.

Even though it is being held a day before Tax Day April 15, Gerhart said, “You cannot have a Tea Party without an April 15th rally.”

And to differentiate from prior Tea Party gatherings, Gerhart tells folks to leave the tea bags, signs and tricorn hats at home. This is a working event where Sooner Tea Party leaders will take groups into the Capitol “to pull individual legislators out of the Chambers so you can read them the riot act.”


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