Freeport Surveillance

Freeport, Texas to install city-wide surveillance system

Submitted by jgriffin
on March 24th, 2011

When it comes to installing a municipal surveillance system, there are many things that city leaders must take into consideration. The city of Freeport, Texas, which is located about 50 miles southeast of Houston, features a thriving tourism industry, as well as 29 petrochemical facilities. The city recently partnered with ADT to implement a city-wide, wireless mesh surveillance system.

Joining SIW on Thursday to discuss some of challenges related to implementing this system were Freeport City Manager Jeff Pynes, Freeport Chief of Police Tyrone Morrow and ADT Security Services Regional Account Manager Sam Sutherland.

[. . .]”We’re a medium-sized city with large-sized problems and technology will help us combat those problems,” Pynes said.

Morrow said that the city saw surveillance technology as a force multiplier that would give police officers additional eyes and ears in the community.

“An officer can’t always be there, but a camera can,” he said.

Morrow added that one of the keys in getting the system approved was engaging in dialog with the city’s stakeholders, which includes residents, private entities, schools, churches and community leaders. He also said that it’s important to “paint a picture” for the stakeholders regarding how the system will be utilized and to create a “sense of urgency” as to what could happen if the system is not installed. Involving stakeholders in the plan early will make it harder for them to pushback later, according to Morrow.

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One response to “Freeport Surveillance

  1. Don’t know about you, but I am seeing the word “stakeholders” in just about every regulation being implemented locally in my area. Instead of voter’s permission through referendums, “stakeholders” ( definition: invited power brokers) are being used to ‘supposedly’ authorize laws and regulations. I don’t think this is how the American system of government is supposed to work. In short, it is a soviet system of fiefdoms.

    Sadly, no one is going to put municipal surveillance on a ballot for voter approval. Thanks for your post here.

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