A4L Fri. April 22 6-8pm CST Florida’s Real ID Fallout with Paul Henry and Cell Phone Data Suckers in MI

Updated May 5, 2011

A listener took a clip from the show and put it on you tube-Great Job and Thank you!

Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen – Smart Phones used as People Tracking Devices

Join Howard Houchen and I Friday April 22 from 6-8pm CST.  We will be taking a close look at how Real ID is unfolding in the state of Florida, one of the states that has accepted and is implementing the Real ID Act.

Listening Info HERE

Whats with Florida?
A couple of weeks ago we talked to Joel and Robert Chandler about the toll operators in Florida detaining travelers contingent upon disclosure of their personal information  for simply  paying their toll fee in cash!  If this wasn’t bad enough, Joel dropped a bombshell on us towards the end of the show revealing that he and his brother, both model citizens by anyone’s definition, have been subject to numerous investigations involving state and federal agencies since they began filing open records requests.  Unbelievable!  Listen to that show here

Follow that story at FogWatch.org

Listening Info Here

Our Special Guest will be Paul Henry, retired Deputy Sheriff and Florida State trooper for 25 years, now leading the fight to repeal Real ID in his state.

Floridians Against Real ID

A few articles regarding Real ID fallout in Florida:

Also, here is another issue we are following very closely;  The Michigan Cell Phone Data Sucker.   Listen live Friday for a special guest with the inside scoop on the CelleBrite data sucker and how it is being used by law enforcement in Michigan.

Join us Friday April 22, 2011 from 6-8 pm CST!

Listening Info HERE

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