Tell Senators to vote NO! Oklahoma Quick Action Closing Fund HB 1953

Kaye Beach
April 27, 2011

-This bill was passed this morning I am told.  Now you know what you should be mad about!  Thank them or Spank them as you see fit- here’s how they voted;

HOUSE BILL 1953            [Economic development; Quick Action Closing

Mazzei                     Fund]

Third Reading

YEAS:   41                                                 RCS#  642

NAYS:    3                                                 4/27/2011

EXC :    4                                                  11:10 AM

N/V :    0

YEAS:   41

Aldridge          Burrage           Johnson, C.       Russell

Allen             Coates            Johnson, R.       Schulz

Anderson          Crain             Jolley            Shortey

Ballenger         David             Justice           Simpson

Barrington        Ellis             Laster            Sparks

Bass              Fields            Lerblance         Stanislawski

Bingman           Ford              Mazzei            Sykes

Branan            Garrison          Myers             Treat

Brecheen          Halligan          Newberry

Brinkley          Holt              Nichols

Brown             Ivester           Rice

NAYS:    3

Eason Mc          Wilson            Wyrick


Adelson           Marlatt           Paddack           Reynolds



Call Your Senators
Say “NO” to HB1953

Call your senators immediately and ask them to vote NO on HB 1953, a bill creating the Oklahoma Quick Action Closing Fund, amending title 62.

This bill concentrates power and authority in the executive branch and the director of the Dept. of Commerce; it creates what in the public mind is a “slush fund.” This bill opens the door for possible misuse of funds by both the Governor/director and the chosen recipient.

HB 1953 creates the Oklahoma Quick Action Closing Fund in the State Treasury for use by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC). Monies in the Closing Fund are to be used for economic development, specifically in situations in which spending these funds would likely be the determining factor in locating or retaining a high-impact business project or facility in Oklahoma. The Director of ODOC may recommend expenditures from the Closing Fund after analysis specific economic benefit factors outlined in the measure. After approval by the Governor, in consultation with the President Pro Tempore of the State Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives, ODOC may enter into agreement establishing conditions for payment from the Closing Fund.

Senator John Sparks plans to submit an amendment tomorrow that will improve the bill modestly, if it can’t be defeated.  If we use public funds to entice a business to move here, at least the company shouldn’t be allowed to turn right around and make big campaign contributions with the money they got from our taxpayers.

Senator Spark’s amendment read here
We need for Senators to support the Spark’s amendment but oppose the underlying bill.  If the bill makes it out of the Senate WITH the amendment, at least that would send it to Conference where we can work on it some more.

Senate Directory HERE

Oklahoma Senate emails-copy and paste,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The following links tell stories about this bill and about actual abuses of a similar bill in Texas.

Message received via who credits Ronda Vuillemont-Smith and Don Wyatt from Tulsa 912 Project for the info on this…


2 responses to “Tell Senators to vote NO! Oklahoma Quick Action Closing Fund HB 1953

  1. Pays attention

    HB1953 was passed 3 hours ago.

  2. Thank you Dear Pays Attention. We do the best we can, don’t we?

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