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The threats to our liberty and autonomy posed by biometric identification and national (even international!) identity cards have been amply covered by this blog and millions of other sources.  These concerns about the deleterious effects of biometric identity schemes on individual freedoms are justified but what has not received nearly enough coverage is the nuts and bolts of the technology itself.   Does biometric identification or verification of identity really work well enough to justify the investment that nations around the globe are making?  Biometrics for identification purposes have been promoted as a solution for just about every problem that vexes government today…Identity theft, fraud, illegal immigration and of course, terrorism, just to name a few.  Who are the corporations that are vested in selling this technology and can they back up their claims?

On Friday April 29th from 6-8 pm CST we are pleased to bring together two of possibly the most credentialed critics of the biometrics industry to be found.

David Moss has nearly 33 years experience in IT and has spent over eight years researching and campaigning against the UK Home Office’s biometric ID card scheme.

In 2009 David Moss posed this question to the public;

“If our last two prime ministers are to be believed, and our last five home secretaries, the solution to all the problems of crime detection, counter-terrorism and the delivery of efficient public services is … biometrics. They’re certainly labelling our money into biometrics. But no one ever asks, do biometrics work?”


As of late David Moss has been focused on India’s Unique Identification (UID) project that endeavors to bio metrically identify and number 1.2 billion of India’s people. David Moss is a biometric skeptic and for good reason.

Mark Lerner, another well respected biometrics expert and critic of biometric ID in the US, joins the conversation. At one time Mark Lerner believed that biometric technology like fingerprinting, facial recognition, iris scanning, could valuable tool for protecting our nation and traveled the country promoting its use.  But he soon discovered that the Biometrics industry was engaged in many reprehensible acts.  Mark provided solid evidence of these misdeeds to the US government but the results of that investigation never made it to Congress or the public. For the past 6 years Mark has been speaking out about what he knows testifying before many state legislatures and assisting lawmakers in nearly two dozen states in writing legislation designed to protect citizens from ill-considered uses of biometric and similar technologies.

This is a must hear discussion that will deliver information and covers aspects of biometric identification rarely touched by the mainstream media.

David Moss


India’s ID card scheme – drowning in a sea of false positives BY David Moss


Mark Lerner, the Constitutional Alliance



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  1. with the the RFID video games out now, you don’t have to wait for Big Brother to scan ya’.