Calorie Counting Spy Cams in Lone Star Schools

Kaye Beach

May 12, 2011

I’ll enter this without comment as I have nothing to say that is fit to print…

SAN ANTONIO –  Smile, Texas schoolchildren. You’re on calorie camera.

That’s the idea behind a $2 million project being unveiled Wednesday in the lunchroom of a San Antonio elementary school, where high-tech cameras installed in the cafeteria will begin photographing what foods children pile onto their trays — and later capture what they don’t finish eating.

Digital imaging analysis of the snapshots will then calculate how many calories each student scarfed down. Local health officials said the program, funded by a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant, is the first of its kind in a U.S. school, and will be so precise that the technology can identify a half-eaten pear left on a lunch tray.


One response to “Calorie Counting Spy Cams in Lone Star Schools

  1. This makes my skin crawl!…seems like its right out of “1984”!!!…how much more invasion are we to allow ourselves to endure????

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