PMP’ing Your Info and Privacy Now Alaska Show Notes

Kaye Beach

May 14, 2011

Show Notes from May 13,2011-The Alaska Privacy Rebellion

  • Contact information for Alaska legislators in support of Alaska’s privacy bill
  • Oklahoma school finger scanning
  • Texas TSA NO TOUCH Bill
  • Arizona Finger scanning for drugs
  • Nationwide Electronic Prescription Monitoring Program

Giaimo says his reason for campaigning for a strong privacy bill is simple.

“After about five years of education and testing, studying and preparation, I was in the last two days of my requirements to actually get my certification as a state CPA. I would certified for the rest of my life as a CPA”Jason and Horst invited us to let Alaska legislators know that we care about this bill.

Alaska Senate Bill 98 has been introduced to make it illegal for companies to gather and maintain prints, scans or other private information without the prior, informed consent of the person.

Send an email to all legislators.  Click HERE ( or send an email to )and you can send directly to all the Alaska State legislators.  Please be polite and respectful in your email.

Oklahoma schools finger scanning for lunches;

Kids Are Giving Oklahoma Schools the Finger

Arizona -On the show tonight we mentioned Arizona and a plan to force patients to submit to a finger scan in order to get their prescriptions.  This is an ordinance being proposed by law enforcement in the Arizona city of Peoria AZ.

City official point out that fingerprinting is routinely  required for at such places as scrap metal dealerships for those selling more that 25.00 worth of scrap.

You know what is wrong with this?  It disregards a fundamental aspect of our justice system-PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE!   Without presumption innocence you also lose your right to privacy and your basic right to be left alone.  This is preemptive policing at its worst-everyone is guilty until proven otherwise.

The ordinance was proposed for painkilling drugs that have street value and abuse potential.   Does that make you feel any different about it?  It doesn’t change my opinion.  The vast majority of people prescribed these prescriptions are law abiding people who will be treated like suspects and I am sure that nifty computer system will never make a mistake and flag an innocent person.

In addition, medical service providers should not be forced to be an extension of law enforcement.  This is ethically unsound.  And far from simply rhetorical device,  the slippery slope  is a real fast ride that we are all sharing right now.

The Prescription Monitoring Program

I mentioned that I was told that I had to have a government issued photo ID to get my prescription filled from a pharmacy I have been using for years due to the Prescription Monitoring Program.  The pharmacist was wrong about the rules but according to him if he does not do as he is told he will get a nasty call or email.  Since law enforcement administers the system in Oklahoma, I can see that this would be unpleasant.

The nationwide prescription monitoring program monitors both scheduled and non-scheduled drugs .

NABP Begins Developing System to Facilitate PMP Data Exchange Across State Lines



MARCH 2011

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs are a major tool being used by states to address prescription drug abuse, addiction and diversion. Such programs are commonly referred to as PMPs.

DESCRIPTION: A PMP is a statewide electronic database which collects designated data on substances dispensed in the state. The PMP is housed by a specified statewide regulatory, administrative or law enforcement agency. The housing agency distributes data from the database to individuals who are authorized under state law to receive the information for purposes of their profession.

There are currently 44 states with laws that authorize the establishment and operation of a PMP: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode, Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Read More

The states have received federal funding from the DOJ and pharmaceutical corporations for the program. Oklahoma was the first state to begin using an electronic prescription monitoring program which was paid for with federal funds.  Oklahoma is racing to the top with the goal of real time prescription data sharing by 2012.  Link

“Since 2001, Purdue Pharma has been working to support the implementation of appropriately‐designed prescription monitoring programs as one way to help reduce abuse and diversion of prescription medications,” said Alan Must, vice president of state government and legislative affairs at Purdue Pharma. “Reducing the abuse of prescription medications will take the combined and coordinated efforts of healthcare professionals, law enforcement, government agencies and local communities.” link

The PMP (Pimp?  How appropriate since it is pimping your info)

Remember this??

Total Information Awareness (TIA) System
Program Manager: Dr. John Poindexter

Total Information Awareness

“It is no secret that some parts of TIA lived on behind the veil of the classified intelligence budget.” Link


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