Tornado, Joplin MO May 22, 2011 Early videos and reports

Listening to Jasper County fire, EMS and Police scanner-

12:57 National media arrives and emergency workers aren’t quite sure what to do with them.

9:08 pm emergency personnel report natural gas leaks in Joplin and ask to start area evacuations.

The tornado is thought at this time to have been between three-quarter to one-mile wide and the damage path is at least three miles long. It’s ranking on the Fujita (F1-F5) has not been determined.

There are multiple reports of people being trapped in cars and in buildings. The Red Cross has a page set up to help you find people you know who might be missing, and to report yourself as being safe. The page is at .

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8:54 pm …fire’s  and national guard reported on scene.

Looters reported at app. 8:30 pm

Early pictures

“St. John’s Regional Medical Center has been struck by what appears to be a tornado. Extensive damage to the building and a threat for more danger around the building has precipitated a full evacuation. Officials are asking that people stay away from the area.” link

Pictures of debris from Joplin that landed in Springfield-70 miles away!

Joplin Home destroyed, family survives

Storm chaser gets the Joplin monster on video

Deat toll rises to 122

Clouds after the tornado passes in MO


One response to “Tornado, Joplin MO May 22, 2011 Early videos and reports

  1. It was sudden my family lives in the nieghborhood by st. johns and to see all
    the damage and all the people that have lost their homes just really kills me
    im praying for those who lost family members and homes……GOD is with each and everyone of you….

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