S is for Secret: Jesse Trentadue Discovers the FBI’s S Drive

Kaye Beach

June 2, 2011

Remember Jesse Trentadue?  He’s the man who has been fighting for 16 years to find out what happened to his brother Kenneth Trentadue who was murdered while in federal custody in Oklahoma City.

He’s still fighting and still uncovering secrets.

Jan 16, 2011 INTELWIRE Reports: Jesse Trentadue Presses FBI on Secret Files In OKC Bombing

Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue has filed new evidence of secret FBI filing practices in his Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the bureau seeking files related to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Trentadue this week filed exhibits pertaining to FBI procedures for filing documents while keeping them out of legal disclosure processes such as FOIA or discovery. The exhibits were provided to INTELWIRE by Trentadue.

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Today, the results from iWatch News

Posted June 2, 2011

Judge orders FBI to cough up information about a previously secret computer drive

. . . On May 11, Trentadue says he was in court demanding information from the I-drive when the Department of Justice lawyer representing the FBI mentioned the existence of the S-drive — the first public mention of such a drive. Judge Clark Waddoups, a George W. Bush appointee who was presiding over the case in Utah, ordered the FBI to provide more information about the drive by the end of June.

Two days later, Waddoups issued his written order on the matter, which demanded the FBI affirm whether it had provided “incomplete or otherwise misleading information” to the court and demanded that the bureau search for anything requested by Trentadue on both the I and S drives in response to his FOIA requests.


One response to “S is for Secret: Jesse Trentadue Discovers the FBI’s S Drive

  1. Cool, hope he gets it…

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