Oklahoma: The Reddest State Gets a Little Redder

Kaye Beach

June 7, 2011

First I hear about the” Little Red School Bus”  Young Communist Tour around the country and now this.  Our Governors are getting cozy with the Red Chinese while the Little Red Communist School Bus tools around the country.  Swell.

The fact that our economy in the crapper, so many people are out of work and we seem to be embroilment in endless war presents a fabulous recruiting opportunity according to the Communist Party.

See for yourself.  The Little Red School Bus Tour and the Communist Party’s promotional video.

Sleeping with the Enemy – U.S. Governors to Pair Up with Chinese Officials

OK-SAFE wrote this  interesting article yesterday that informs us that on July 15-17, 2011 Governor Fallin will be pairing up one on one with Chinese dignitaries to talk about issues like job creation, education and health at a US-China Governors Forum in Salt Lake City Utah.  If you are very curious about just what will be going on at this meeting you are going to have to stifle it.  This is to be a closed door meeting.  No media or public will be permitted to attend.

Mary Fallin appears to be primed for it.

Here is a  press release regarding an recent visit to the Oklahoma State Capitol by dignitaries from the Chinese Consulate. The article was published on the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China but I didn’t see this in the local news.

The press release says that Gov.Fallin  and Lt.Gov Todd Lamb met with three Chinese Consulate dignitaries including Consul General  Gao Yanping at the Oklahoma Capitol to discuss “exchanges and cooperation between China and Oklahoma in all fields”

Apparently Gov. Fallin has been very enthusiastic about China-U.S. exchanges ever since she was the Lt. Gov.

According to the article, Lt Gov. Lamb praised China’s   “time-honored civilization and robust development” and indicated that” Oklahoma is looking forward to expanding its exchanges and cooperation with China to a wider and deeper extent.”  and that  Lt. Gov. Lamb expressed hopes of visiting China soon.

The Consul General Gao said she “expected the two sides to strengthen exchanges and cooperation so as to bring more trade, investment and job opportunities and other tangible benefits to the two peoples.”

Read more

The meeting in Utah between our state Governors and Chinese provincial party secretaries and Governors will be the first of two according to OK-SAFE who is has filed a Freedom of Information request in order to locate documents that should be publicly available in order to find out more.

We need to be asking some questions about this.

Sleeping with the Enemy – U.S. Governors to Pair Up with Chinese Officials


9 responses to “Oklahoma: The Reddest State Gets a Little Redder

  1. You Don't Say

    Anyone surprised by this? Mary’s always been anti-free market. It’s only fitting that she’d jump in bed with the Chinese. No pun intended, and believe me, I could make a good one.

  2. They hold the mortgage on Amerika. They just want to have an orderly foreclosure.

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  5. I’m not sure why there is such a negative reaction when our Governor is seeking economic opportunities with the Chinese that may result in new jobs or expanded business. China may be able to fund and support major new initiatives that benefit both parties. The jury is still out on whether this is good or a problem as far as I am concerned.

  6. Ronald,
    I think is that whole “communist” thing that hangs people up. China still operates an oppressive regime and encouraging business on such an intimate level both strengthens and legitimizes these practices. Not to mention that China is gathering strength and people are afraid of them becoming a super power for good reason. I think there is every reason to be very cautious about taking this route.

  7. I don’t like what I am seeing with Mary Fallin holding hands with China. It just doesn’t se right.. She has not been able to do her job right here on a daily basis, so what is this ? I don’t trust her. I smell a rat.

  8. Ronald- it’s not so much the issue or topic, It is who is involved. Dig a bit if you aren’t sure where I am comming from.

  9. blondee1125

    I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


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