What’s so smart about ‘smart meters’?

Kaye Beach

June 19, 2011

Look familiar?

Andrew Griffin, the Red Dirt Reporter has been on the trail of the mysterious guys showing up in Oklahoma neighborhoods in these little white vans.

What does Andrew think about them and their mission?



Maxwell agrees!

What’s so smart about ‘smart meters’?

OKLAHOMA CITY – Perhaps you have seen these rather non-descript white vans buzzing around your neighborhood. I know we have here in Midtown where these vans, identifiable only by the letters “UPA” emblazoned on the side and out-of-state plates (usually South Carolina or Florida).

Some weeks back, a bearded guy with a reflective vest was spotted in your Red Dirt Reporter’s backyard. When confronted, the man said he was replacing my old-fashioned meter with a “Smart Meter” and that UPA was doing work for OG&E, the power company.

. . .So far, UPA and the “smart meter” goon squad that has been tromping into backyards and private property, are placing these devices in areas that are close to people’s living quarters. Why didn’t OG&E representatives hold town-hall meetings and discuss what this new technology means and why they believe it is important? I guess because they think they don’t have to. That’s not smart, that’s stupid.

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One response to “What’s so smart about ‘smart meters’?

  1. well, why doesnt the OCC head explain this, after all the Oklahoma Corporation Comission regulates these Utilites…..oh wait, I am told a Utility can “Opt Out” of being regulated, and the only power the OCC then has is quality of Service…..so, why would we even NEED the OCC if they can be made completly ineffective ?….lets make a push to disolve that Agency….

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