No More Kicking the Debt Can Down the Road! by Ken Moore

Guest post by Ken Moore of Oklahoma

June 22, 2011

Looks like the same old same old….Republican leadership, headed by Sen. McConnell, is primed to give in and kick the can down the road on the debt ceiling with no cuts in spending.

Cuts must happen THIS YEAR because they won’t happen during election year politics.   This is far too serious for us to even consider going along.   We cannot continue to put up with this.  If Republicans will fight to cut federal spending, we can probably start to claw our way back to fiscal sanity.  If they won’t, the 2011 elections are gone, and we get 4 more years of Obama, in my opinion, with irreversible descent into the pits of socialism helped along by judicial activism.


One of our biggest problems is Big Money RINOS who would rather go along to get along because they like the way things are–the status quo.  Chambers of Commerce and all levels of government have been corrupted by these people.  They must think they are insulated from the huge problems that unrestricted Big Government will bring to us.  That is the biggest sack of hogwash they have ever bought.  Extreme European-style socialism will not be kind to most of them nor to any of us when it gets fully implemented.  That is, they will be on the bottom of the heap of lost freedom with the rest of us while the enforcers stomp on the heap to whatever degree is required to keep us down.


These Big Money RINOs and their liberal buddies think they are so much smarter than the rest of us that their participation in liberal-style corruption is justified–the end justifies the means.  However, they forget that we have numbers on them–numbers of votes at the ballot box and numbers for political influence, and we are aware of their evil plans.  The only chance for survival of this Republic, long term, is Tea Party-type activism which will include lots of Democrats and Independents.  Starting tomorrow in regard to demanding spending cuts and efforts to stop all this government insanity may be too late.


Warning to Big Money RINOs:  Our ancestors left Europe to get away from your kind of corruption.  If we cannot get remedy at the ballot box from your corrupt deeds, America will do it in some unpleasant way like we did in the late 1700’s.  It is in European genes to accept tyranny with “Yes sir, yes, sir, three bags full” It is not in American genes!!  Got it?


Ken Moore



2 responses to “No More Kicking the Debt Can Down the Road! by Ken Moore

  1. This is a fine thing to fight for .I will do my best to help though,s patriot,s who would fight the system and those who would put our children in the chains of slavery,to pay for these never ending war,s.I would further ask for those same patriots to raise your voices to call for hearing,s of impeachment against our commander and chief.To hell with the fact that he is not a citizen,he is a criminal in not following his oath of office.Any congressman/woman or Senator who does not call for his resignation right now should be forced from office at the first chance.Those who enjoy the citizenship of which ever state you reside,should be ashamed of your leader,s .Recall them oh that,s right we would need to repeal the 17th amendment to do that very needed duty.The states need to reassert their authority in the protection of their citizen,s.We started as a republic it would be nice to be a republic again.Towards that end,I would ask for the people to call for an article five amendment convention.We must fight ,the slow take over of our country .Both parties are responsible for compromising our liberty away,this is unacceptable.

  2. Good!! Not for a constitutional convention, though. These people would try to tear up our Constitution and write a socialistic one!!

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