My Real ID Reckoning

Kaye Beach

June 28, 2011

As of Feb. 28th 2011 my Oklahoma biometric driver’s license became invalid.  I have been cited for driving with an expired license and I am going to court.

I was concerned when I first heard about the push for a national ID card which preceded the REAL ID ACT of  2005.  At the time I didn’t know much about biometrics but what I did know is that a national ID is the hallmark of a totalitarian society and despite our government’s denials,  REAL ID without a doubt qualifies as a national ID.

“We are, after all, for the first time in our history actually creating a national identification card with all the ramifications of that.  That is what the Real ID law did.”—  Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

I later found it is actually much worse.  REAL ID is an international biometric ID.

For the crash course in biometric ID read Biometrics 101-Your Body IS Your ID

Shortly before REAL ID had actually been passed into law states, including Oklahoma, in anticipation of its passage had already purchased biometric capturing technology. I was shocked when the DMV clerk told me that I must submit to a finger scan.  Who doesn’t associate being fingerprinted with criminality?  I balked but was told no scan-no drivers license.  At the time I had a small child, my own business and countless tasks to accomplish every day that would be very difficult if not impossible to meet without a valid license so I grudgingly complied.  I had no idea that it wasn’t just my fingers that they were scanning.  The old cameras had been replaced with high resolution digital cameras that capture, map and digitize our facial features for use with facial recognition technology.

My good  friend, Howard Houchen, speaks to our natural and healthy gut reaction to ID schemes like Real ID in an article he wrote called the The Id Passes on Pass ID.  He’s talking about instinct.  My first reaction to Real ID was an instinctive one but after several years of studying the scheme and biometric identification in general, I have come to oppose it intellectually, practically, philosophically, morally and spiritually as well.  It is simply a terrible idea and a dangerous imposition on any nation.  It is worth noting that this plan is, right now, being imposed around the globe, in every nation.

When you know something is dead wrong what do you do?   Well, if you are like me you do everything you can.  You lobby.  You try to educate others and especially your elected representatives.  You support good, protective legislation and oppose the bad.   You write letters, organize rallies and events, you talk till you are blue in the face.  You do everything you can think of and you give it everything you got.

I, along with many thousands of other dedicated people have done everything we can to deter this country from implementing such a dastardly plan on the American people.  I am very sad to say that we have not achieved our goal.  The opposition comes from individuals and organizations that span the political spectrum.  Mass enrollment into a global biometric identification scheme is a repulsive idea that has jarred this country without regard to political affiliation.

Many state legislatures did their part too.  26 states have passed either a law or resolution prohibiting participation in Real ID and yet, as recently reported by the Heritage Foundation (who is not opposing but supporting the policy)

 “At least 32 states are close to REAL ID material compliance, while a total of 44 states and territories have indicated that they fully intend to meet REAL ID compliance.”

It is right about here that all of the activism seems like a terribly elaborate exercise for what comes next.  After all of the talking, writing, lobbying, fretting and gnashing of teeth the most important stand I could take felt more like a whisper than  a shout.  It’s not that I never thought about what I would do if our government could not be brought to its senses.  I always knew that if it came down to it, I was not going to just roll over and comply.  I have a child and to just give up and leave her with the legacy of government control by cataloging and monitoring people through an international biometric ID is just  not an option for me.

This past February I was getting ready for a trip and took a look at my license.  It was to expire on the 28th of that month.  Good, I thought.  At least I will be able to fly this time with no trouble (unless you count running the TSA gauntlet as trouble, which I do!)  But I knew at that moment I would not be renewing it.  The end of the month was the end of the road for me and Real ID.

The states are obviously not going to protect our rights so it is up to us now.  At the end of the day, isn’t it always up to us?

All of my thinking has been done and my decision was made over the years  by each incremental inch of ground gained  toward full implementation of Real ID.  What to do on February 28th was less a decision for me to make than simply a day of reckoning for me.

I did ask myself what I stood to lose and what did I stand to gain by my refusal to participate in this human surveillance and control scheme.  Practically, I stand to lose a lot.  I have already been refused my prescription for having an invalid ID and my access to places, items and events is closed or uncertain without a “government issued photo ID card”.  I imagine I will encounter more and more difficulty as time goes by but this is small stakes compared to what we all have to look forward to in the very near future.

Once the fight is finally over and the biometric identification plans are fully implemented those who refuse to be enrolled and will not carry a “government issued photo ID”, will essentially be viewed as invalid, non-persons, unregistered.  Furthermore their invalidated status will be a red flag rendering such persons especially suspect by a government that demands its right to know all about everyone at all times.  Where did our government get such a right?  They got it from us.   Our complacence is compliance and as far as they are concerned that gives them permission and therefore the right to scan our body parts and use those measurements as a personal tracking number.

The ones that do comply won’t be much better off really.   Their government issued biometric ID will allow our government to keep tabs on their every transaction, their travel, their habits and more. This biometric identification system puts our ability to access our daily necessities at their pleasure.  Will such an all powerful government choose to be a benevolent father?  History does not give one much hope that it will.

Recently, I was stopped and given a citation for driving with an expired license.  As a person who has made a conscious effort to respect the law, it is an odd turn of events that I would think of this as a good thing,  but it is.  It means that I will have a chance to air my grievances in court and that means that there is a chance that the law might find something compelling about this grievance.

I am going to keep fighting this.

If you think that this is a good fight, I am asking for your help.  I won’t be coy; this is going to take money.  In fact, it may take lots of it and that would be a good thing because it would mean a real battle and the only chance that one small act of disobedience could become something more meaningful.

If you wish to donate to my legal defense fund, you may do so online or the old fashioned way if you prefer by sending a check or money order to:

Kaye Beach

P.O. Box 722381

Norman, Oklahoma, 73070

(Please write legal defense fund in the memo section of your check or money order)

The Constitutional Alliance has been an invaluable source of accurate information and guidance for me.  I am pleased to have been invited to join their Board of Directors in 2009 and recommend that those who want to know more about biometrics and biometric identification plans visit for more information.  I owe this dedicated group of people a debt of gratitude for encouraging me to put my trust in God and take this fight all the way.

I have said it before and will say it again.  With biometric ID, we may resist it now or resist it later but without a shadow of a doubt; we will all resist it at some point. For me, that time is now.


27 responses to “My Real ID Reckoning

  1. Kaye,
    Thanks for taking a stand on this issue. Hopefully it will serve to inspire & educate others. I’ll pray the court realizes there is no intent to break the law here, rather to uphold the supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, by resisting an unconstitutional law. Judges are bound to obey it- this activity is covered in Article 6 of the Constitution’s second paragraph.
    It’s been my privilege to send in a few dollars. I’d ask anyone reading this to do so as well- just $5 from a lot of people will make the difference.

  2. Thanks for your courage, Kaye! I have mailed a donation last week and will mail another next month!! God bless you in this fight for ALL of our rights!!

  3. Hi Cecily, I received you donation and have been trying to find you on Facebook to thank you for it but let me take the opportunity to do so now. Thank you very much! I will keep everyone updated as I progress.

  4. Paul, Thank you for all of your hard work fighting Real ID in Florida. You are an inspiration to me and your support means more than you know.

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  6. you need to talk to marc stevens of the no state project right away, he will help you . he helped me and i was looking at 6 years on a trumped up felony . marcs number is 480-830-8293. good luck and god bless

  7. You only need a DL if you are a Corporate Entity. Your SS# makes you a corporate entity, but there are ways around that, which are fairly simple. You may want to research UCC code. Its a huge under taking, but if you are going to go down this road as a way of life you are going to have to empower yourself. You also may want to look at this Just be aware, by having a lawyer represent you, you are giving up your Sovereignty. I don’t know what the courts (banks) allow where you are at, but in most jurisdictions they allow you atleast 2 continuances. I always take full advantage of that to prepare. Since I have woken up to thier game I will never again plead guilty and I will do everything in my power to get a grand jury trial. That is if I make a plea at all. I will never sign another traffic ticket again either. Sovereign entities are not subject to traffic code. There is also another school of thought/approach. Its less confrontational, but the system is allowed to conduct business as usual. The results are the same. You stay out of jail.This is a great resource for that approach I do have a DL, but I signed it UNDER DURESS. This allows me to choose from either one of these approaches. Be brave and happy studying.

  8. Thank you. I have heard about this and will look into it further.

  9. Kaye– I rely on Heritage to tell the truth about what makes AAMVA’s public-private buzzards, CIS and the neo-cons happy. They aren’t believable. So we are conducting our own research. I think there is still a lot of confusion over what is and isn’t a Real ID. DHS is still staring at a legal ban for Real ID regs in 25 States. One of the problems is that States will make “secured ID” concessions for greedy contractors who sell the FRT, the holographic laminates and the “tamper proofing” redesigns in licenses. That’s only part of regulatory compliance. If your Governor hasn’t sent over a letter to DHS confirming state buy in for the program it’s not a Real ID self-certified State (to date there are actually only 12). We are working to set the record straight there. The citizenship requirements are what really make it a national ID card. The facial recognition conversion is a concern. The databases are not yet nationally interlinked (a plus). There’s the matter of national-international information sharing standards for healthcare and finance and identity data are being hotly contested now though. We are fighting that. If they move forward with merging E-Verify labor databases to AAMVA net you’ll be staring at Real ID or national identity system. We are also fighting that. So.. here’s still time to push back. January 15, 2013 is not here yet. Don’t give up and stay vigilant.

  10. Seems like there are a number of organization trying to to amp the whole thing up and I am glad you are doing this research to find out exactly where the states stand. My last count was 11, so now it’s at 12? With so many initiatives that utilize parts of real ID it is hard to keep up with where we are at. Uncomfortably close that’s for sure.
    Will be looking for that letter.
    I won’t give up and I know you won’t either.

    Thank you for all you do Sheila and good to hear from you!

  11. It doesn’t make any difference if it is a driver’s license, an “ID” or a traffic light the poor planning of individuals and groups including governments can results in potential chaos for example:
    Automated traffic lights can be dangerous and deceptive

    You might not want to trust those automated traffic lights when there is a high speed police chase you hear a Seiren. I was at a light the other day when I heard a Seiren the light was flashing red so I expected an emergency vehicle to pass through since there were a lot of buildings and ones view was obstructed. The noise of the Seiren was bouncing off buildings and it sounded some distance away. When sound bounces between buildings laws of physics can change the phase of the frequency so that the sound is self counseling making its source seem farther away. The red flashing light stopped flashing and the small red light above it also stopped the light switched to green indicating it was safe to proceed. My unconscious mind sensed danger ( don’t if one can do complex physics and intuition calculations in their head or not, might be a good reason to be super alert when one is driving- not drink or be distracted ) but there appeared to be no danger I took my foot off the brake and proceeded very cautiously into the intersection thinking their might be trouble. At that moment a police car flew through the intersection. Wonder how many people are killed and injured that way. Wonder it the city and cops would cover it up if I or the cop would have been injured or killed would Facebook has the guts to publish this and save a life. Now I am going to do research to see how automated lights work. Poor planning and politics cause chaos!

  12. Here is more info on how to find out if your state is Real ID certified from Beat The Chip

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  15. Kay, your desire to refuse to provide a high-resolution photo for biometric creation purposes is a Fourth Amendment issue. I cannot say whether or not he might find this matter of interest, but your attorney may wish to consider consulting with Constitutional scholar Edwin Vieira, Jr. If you want his mailing address, you can find me on Facebook.

  16. Thank you William!

  17. It’s been almost a year, is there any further news?

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  20. James Silverthorn

    I knew we have evil in our government, and that is due to the fact that as a whole this country has turned our back on God and not educated ourselves to vote for the best person. Please keep me updated. I lived in Oklahoma City in 2008. How scary is that. This is something that will have to be taken to God in prayer.

  21. If you have a Commercial Driver License, with HazMat endorsement (required for most driving jobs), issued by any state in U.S., you must submit federal biometric information to renew your license.

  22. James Silverthorn If America does not repent the filth will continue to grow till the destruction of our country. It will come.

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