Fallin Confirms Meeting with Communist Chinese Counterpart in Utah

Kaye Beach

July 9, 2011

About a month ago, I blogged about the “Little Red Communist School Bus” tooling around the country and OK-SAFE’s (Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise) revelation that on July 13-17, 2011 Governor Fallin will be pairing up one on one with Chinese dignitaries to talk about issues like job creation, education and health at a US-China Governors Forum in Salt Lake City Utah and shared a press release regarding a recent visit to the Oklahoma State Capitol by dignitaries from the Chinese Consulate.

According to the press release, Lt Gov. Lamb praised China’s   “time-honored civilization and robust development” and indicated that” Oklahoma is looking forward to expanding its exchanges and cooperation with China to a wider and deeper extent.”  Lt. Gov. Lamb expressed hopes of visiting China soon.  Read more Oklahoma: The Reddest State Gets a Little Redder and Sleeping with the Enemy – National Governors Association Meeting to Pair U.S. Governors and Chinese Party Leaders

At the time, OK-SAFE was trying to get a document called an MOU (memorandum of understanding) that had been signed 6 months ago by US Governors and Chinese officials. It didn’t take an Act of Congress (but almost!), finally after numerous requests and a Freedom of Information Act filing by Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Director of OK-SAFE, the document has been posted to the State Dept. website. Read more about the MOU at OK-SAFE’s Blog

Despite many calls and emails to Gov. Fallin’s office asking questions about the upcoming Salt Lake City, Utah meeting, the Governor has remained silent until yesterday when her office issued a media advisory.  So now we know that the Governor will attend the meeting but little else.

Governor Fallin’s contact information;

Phone: 405-521-2342, 800-865-5853

Email: info@gov.ok.gov

Lt. Gov. Lamb was asked recently if his office was planning to actively seek foreign investment in the state of Oklahoma and he replied “yes”

If you would like to contact Lt. Gov. Lamb with your thoughts or questions regarding direct foreign investment, here is his contact info;

Phone: 405-521-2161

Email: info@gov.ok.gov, attention Lt. Gov. Lamb.


U.S. – China – Selling US Out

OK-SAFE, Inc. 7/8/11 – The following itemizes some, only some, of the activities the federal and state governments, and universities, are actively engaged in that demonstrate the deepening involvement with the Communist Chinese (and with Russia), particularly through a mechanism called “foreign direct investment.”

Foreign direct investment is defined as “investment in the United States by foreign citizens; often involves majority stock ownership of an enterprise;” and “joint ventures between foreign and U.S. companies.”

Read that eye-opening list and other important news from OK-SAFE here

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