The War on Lemonade?

Kaye Beach

July 18, 2011

What the heck is going on?  What are these kids really up to?

Are lemons the “new face of terror”?

The latest;

Appleton police shut down lemonade stand

City ordinance prevents sales near city events

July 17, 2011

APPLETON – It’s a summer tradition, especially for two Appleton neighbors.

“The kids have been setting it up for six or seven years now,” said Margi Mann.

Two young girls sell lemonade and cookies every year near their house during Appleton’s Old Car Show. But this year that changed.

“We had a knock on the door from our local police officer who had to deliver us the news,” said Mann.

Because of a new city ordinance, Margi Mann’s daughter Lydia could no longer sell her lemonade. And their neighbor couldn’t sell her cookies.

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Posted under “weird news”  but can cops crashing kids’ lemonade stands really be considered “weird” anymore?

Police shut down lemonade stand in Georgia city

According to Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar, ‘The law’s the law’

The city of Midway, Georgia was made a little safer after police shut down a…lemonade stand?

. . .Three young girls had started the lemonade stand to save up money for a trip to a waterpark, but since they did not have a business licence, police ordered them to shut it down, according to reports.

We have to be consecutive er, consistent on how we enforce the laws,” Morningstar told reporters. We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with, so we acted accordingly by city ordinance.”

“The law’s the law,” she added.  Watch the video here.

“Kinda crazy that we couldn’t sell lemonade,” said one of the girls. “It was fun, but we had to listen to the cops and shut it down.”

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Iin Maryland;

Children Fined for Lemonade Stand

It is a sad day for American’s when children get fined for a lemonade stand. That is exactly what happened in Montgomery County, Maryland to six children trying to make a few bucks. They set up a lemonade stand outside of the Congressional Country Club in Montgomery County where they were holding the US Open. The stand was intended for fun and refreshment, but that came to an end when a local cameraman from the local news spotted a country inspector that was issuing a five hundred dollar fine to the children. Read more

2010 Illinios

Lemonade brings lessons of summer

Macomb, Ill. —

Some lemonade dust dumped into cold water has turned summer vacation into an academic and a life lesson for a Macomb boy.

In mid-July, Kellan Smith, 10, and his older brother, Brady, 13, were looking for a way to raise some extra money. The result of their collaborative effort was an idea to start a lemonade stand at Macomb’s twice weekly Farmers Market.

Since then, the idea has blossomed into a business venture that has turned Kellan into quite the young businessman and has aided his desire to raise enough money to buy a new electric guitar and an amplifier.

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One response to “The War on Lemonade?

  1. I don’t understand it either. It is despicable. Where are the consciences of these police officers? Are they so hungry to bully someone they will target children?

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