Low Visability at the Corrections Corporation of America in Florida

Kaye Beach

July 19, 2011

Remember Joel and Robert Chandler? They are the two gentlemen from Florida that broke open the story about Florida toll booth operators detaining people who tried to pay their toll fee in cash.  The travelers were forced to give up all kinds of personal information before they were permitted to be on their way.  Joel and Robert filed a lawsuit.

More about the toll tyrants at Fogwatch (Joel Chandler’s blog site)

Here is the latest opacity and outrage encountered by the pair.

From Fogwatch.org

…On June 3, 2011 Robert and I visited Moore Haven Correctional Facility for the express purpose of inspecting and photographing non-exempt public records.  The records requested were the visitor logs from the previous weekend.  There is no statutory exemption of these records from public access.

The response of Assistant Warden Douglas Fender was to deny access to public records, threaten criminal prosecution and to demand that deputies from the Glades County Sheriff’s office confiscate and destroy the our photographic equipment.  Douglas Fender summoned three sheriff’s deputies and one state trooper who subsequently detained us for almost one hour inside the prison.

Before the we were released we were issued a written trespass warning and told that if we EVER return, even for the purpose of making a public records request, we will be arrested.

Read More

Listen to AxXiom For Liberty Friday 6-8pm CST for a visibility update from Fogwatchers,  Joel and Robert Chandler.


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