Civil Disobedients Take 2 on AxXiom For Liberty Live July 22 6-8pm CST

Kaye Beach

July 22, 2011

Listen to AxXiom For Liberty Live on Rule of Law Radio Network tonight from 6-8pm CST

How Free Do You Want To Be?

Howard and I are excited to be welcoming back Adrian Wiley and Joel and Robert Chandler!

Listening info here

These guests represent the ground level labor of individuals who are putting it all on the line to preserve and protect our Liberty.


In the last “Civil Disobedients” show aired on June 10, 2011, one of our “disobedients” was Adrian Wiley, co host of Liberty Underground, an AM radio show on WTAN Clearwater Florida.

Adrian, also the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida took a stand against waiving his Fourth Amendment rights in the state of Florida in order to get his REAL ID card.

Fla. Libertarian Party Chairman to Surrender Driver’s License in Real ID Protest

Florida now requires that all driver’s license and state ID card applicants be subjected to a “digital facial image capture” that is compatible with facial recognition software.  Wyllie believes that all of these intrusive requirements are a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and his ultimate goal is to challenge Real ID in court.

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Adrian surrendered his license and has been cited for the offense of traveling without a driver’s license.

Apparently it took some effort to get local law enforcement to pay attention to Adrian’s non-compliance.  Story and video here

Adrian Wiley will be with us tonight to update on his situation and explain the real problems that REAL ID presents for ordinary Americans.
Lifting the Fog

We are pleased to have Joel and Robert Chandler back to update us on their work in the State of Florida championing transparency.

Though not violating the law in any shape form or fashion, Joel and Robert Chandler are still getting plenty of attention from public officials and law enforcement.

Joel and Robert are the two gentlemen from Florida that broke open the story about Florida toll booth operators detaining people who tried to pay their toll fee in cash.  The travelers were forced to give up all kinds of personal information before they were permitted to be on their way.  Joel and Robert filed a lawsuit.

As we found out when we spoke to then two last, records requested by Joel and Robert revealed that law enforcement seemed to be keeping a very close eye on them.  What is their crime?  Nothing more than asking for public records that is the clearly legal right of every Floridian.

Listen to the April 8, 2011 broadcast- A4L_2011-04-08_64k.mp3


Here is the latest opacity and outrage encountered by the pair.


Public Records Lawsuit Filed Against Corrections Corporation of America

July 1, 2011

…On June 3, 2011 Robert and I visited Moore Haven Correctional Facility for the express purpose of inspecting and photographing non-exempt public records.  The records requested were the visitor logs from the previous weekend.  There is no statutory exemption of these records from public access.

The response of Assistant Warden Douglas Fender was to deny access to public records, threaten criminal prosecution and to demand that deputies from the Glades County Sheriff’s office confiscate and destroy the our photographic equipment.  Douglas Fender summoned three sheriff’s deputies and one state trooper who subsequently detained us for almost one hour inside the prison.

Before the we were released we were issued a written trespass warning and told that if we EVER return, even for the purpose of making a public records request, we will be arrested.

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Be sure to read The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting coverage of the excellent work of these gentlemen in a multi-part series.

$100 Bill Takes Toll, Part 1

My Oklahoma Biometric Boondoggle

Back in June, on our first civil disobedience show, I had just begun my legal journey resulting from my inability to obtain a valid license that doesn’t violate my rights.  My traffic court date was yesterday and I will tell you the outcome of that event tonight.  (See my “My Real ID Reckoning” and “Today was a good day for freedom: Kaye Beach’s legal journey moves forwardfor more.)


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