Oklahoma Smart Meter Info Swap

Kaye Beach

August 21, 2011

Everywhere I go, people have lots of questions about the Smart Grid and Smart meters.  In an effort to share information and help Oklahomans connect on this issue I have opened a group for that purpose on Facebook.

Oklahoma Smart Meter Info Swap

This is a new Facebook group for Oklahoman residents who want to share information about the Smart Grid or the new Smart Meters being installed in this state.

Smart electric meters are electronic devices that track and record a customer’s use of electricity.

The purpose of the Smart Grid is to monitor, analyze, and better control energy delivery and add communication capabilities to the national electrical delivery system for the purpose of stability of service and to reduce energy consumption.
On Oct 27, 2009 President Obama announced that the Department of Energy awarded $3.4 billion in stimulus money to 100 smart-grid projects. Each project had to provide its own matching funds which put the investment at over $6 billion. The Dept. of Energy estimated that the awards will result 18 million homes getting the smart meters which will allow for the conversion to the Smart Grid.
Since February of 2010 OG&E has already installed 350,000 smart meters. They plan on installing smart meters for nearly 800,000 customers by the end of 2012.

Some of the most common concerns raised by Smart Meters and the Smart Grid pertain to;

Property Rights

If you are interested in learning more or sharing the knowledge you have about the Smart Grid or Smart Meters-please join us!

Simply click the link below and ask to join.



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