Oklahoma GOP’s Stance on China-Irresolute

Kaye Beach

August 28, 2011

Irresolute-Showing or feeling hesitancy; uncertain

The State GOP met yesterday to make some changes to the rules regarding the 2012 nominating schedule.  A resolution was offered before the committee regarding the GOP’s stance on China.

The resolution apparently failed but by a small margin and some committee members have noted that the vote was taken by voice only  and question whether an actual count would have produced different results.

While the GOP committee might be a little uncertain on where it stands on rolling in the communist China business hay, the position of most Oklahoma conservatives, in my experience, has been a very firm “Heck NO!”


Here is a very informative story from the Tulsa Beacon about the issue published Thurday Aug. 25;

GOP ponders China/Okla. connection

The chairman of the Tulsa County Republican Party is alarmed about the prospects of Communist China owning companies and property in Oklahoma.
Chairman J.B. Alexander will meet with state GOP officials Aug. 27 to consider a resolution that he thinks echoes the views of most Oklahomans – that getting jobs is not worth getting in bed with the Chinese.
In July, Governor Fallin attended the National Governors Association annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. This meeting also included the inaugural U.S.-China Governors Forum and was the product of a “memorandum of understanding” signed in January 2011 between U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Communist Chinese government.
According to the State Department’s website, “The forum will build on and expand existing cooperation between the United States and China by encouraging state and provincial leaders to share best practices. It will also formalize relationships between the leaders who are best placed to understand the economic, educational, and environmental needs of their respective states and provinces. The goal of the forum is to foster direct interaction at the sub-national level in order to promote economic growth and prosperity. Thus, this gathering of sub-national leaders will serve as a platform to promote peer-to-peer exchanges between U.S. state governors and Chinese provincial leaders.”
Fallin was recently reappointed to the executive committee of the NGA and she is a member of the economic development and commerce committees.
At this year’s forum, Utah Governor Gary Herbert said, “On behalf of the people of Utah, I beg you for your continued partnership with Utah.”
Amanda Teegarden, executive director of OK-SAFE (a non-partisan watchdog group), said the Oklahoma Commerce Department issued a “request for proposals” for a trade representative in China who would also seek foreign direct thinvestment in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma manufacturers and farmers have exported goods for decades but this is a new effort to have foreign countries buy or bring in companies to the state.
According to the OK-SAFE website (www.ok-safe.com), Oklahoma has four foreign trade zones. They are:
1. Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City
2. Port of Muskogee
3. Port of Catoosa
4. International Business Park in Durant
“The question remains, which Governor Fallin has yet to answer publicly, does her administration plan to seek foreign direct investment in the Oklahoma by the Chinese?” asked Teegarden. “It would seem the answer is yes.”
Alexander said Idaho is considering allowing Communist China to develop a 10,000- to 30,000-acre “industrial zone” south of Boise, a self-contained model similar projects in Communist China.

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4 responses to “Oklahoma GOP’s Stance on China-Irresolute

  1. No one knows what passed or didn’t. One of the guests who was not on the state committee or a proxy carrier admitted to voting in the voice vote! There were also other members or proxy carriers including myself who had carried extra proxies with us for those committee members from our counties who were unable to attend. Their votes were not heard!

  2. Does the GOP follow Robert’s Rules or is it just a free for all?

  3. I believe it is a good thing that the Chinese could invest in our state. It is also good that such investment may energize our economic potential and bring further prosperity of the people in Oklahoma.

  4. Oklahoma GOP should have full hand of businesses in both state and national levels. To single out China and to curb Chinese in the state will not help anyone but only backshot the party itself. If state GOP leaders have visions, think about why OU graduates head to Dallas before talk about expel their faculty members from the university. Think about how to expand business rather than restraining it.

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