AxXiom For Liberty Tonight 6-8 PM CST “What is Right with Damascus and What is Wrong with E Verify”

Sept 9, 2011

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen we have two special guests.

Listening Info Here

First up is the Mayor of Damascus Oregon, Steve Spinnett.

Mayor Spinnett is working with the citizens of Damascus to protect property rights and reform local government.  Communities all over the country are getting fed up with aggressive city planners forcing burdensome regulations and ordinances down their throats.  The people of Damascus are doing something about it.

No matter where you live you will find that your community has lots in common with Damascus and this story will inspire you.

Find out more about what is going on in Damascus-

Next we have Mark Lerner, co-founder of the Constitutional Alliance and nationally recognized expert on biometric identification.

HR2164 Legal Workforce Act A national mandated E-Verify law Now before Congress and under consideration. 

Mark says that;

The Patriot Act and Real ID are the predecessors for this new proposed

1)  The legislation does call for photos and leaves the biometric component solely at the discretion of DHS.  The legislation applies to all companies regardless of size.

2)  Giving more information to DHS is giving more power and thus more control to our federal government.

3)  The burden placed on businesses is more than just excessive.

4)  I have offered a alternative solution to E-Verify and Real ID.  I do not claim it is the only alternative but it is the only one I have seen that leaves  the power in the hands of citizens and states.
That solution is available at (scroll down to article Proposed solution + state legislation = Protecting our freedom on our homepage). Some believe my alternative goes too
far.  I respect the opinion of those that may disagree with me but until they
come with a different solution I will promote the solution I have put forth.
States control the issuance of driver’s licenses, birth certificates and death
certificates.  States can determine who is and is not a citizen in all most all
cases.  State ID could be used to prove citizenship.  Yes, there will be cases
where that may not be doable but that being said you do not destroy the rights
of all citizens for the exception not the rule.  My proposed solution does not
call for any centralized database.  Regardless of whether you agree with the
proposed solution I offer we all MUST reject HR2164
5)  The cost of implementing HR2164 is not the
issue but that being said in addition to the cost of our rights, liberty and
freedom it will cost tens of billions of dollars for every employer to purchase
biometric readers and RFID scanners.  For those opposed to larger government, a more intrusive government and less debt HR2164 represents everything you are opposed to.

6) This link  provides a conversation between Michael Ostrolenk and Constitutional attorney Bruce Fein about the E-Verify legislation.

Please contact Michael Ostrolenk at Michael has a letter (see attached) that citizens, groups and organizations are signing that opposes the
legislation.  Time is short.  The legislation is moving to mark up this coming
week.  Please contact Michael Ostrolenk immediately (by Saturday, September 10, if possible) at the email address provided in this paragraph.  I respectfully request that all act NLT this coming Monday, September 12 at the latest.
Thank you,

Mark Lerner

Mark is going to explain what this law really does and why and how we should oppose it.

For more info about the anti-E  Verify petition, contact Mark at

Join us!


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