Kentucky Lawmakers Ponder the Plight of Jailed Amish

Kaye Beach

Sept. 19, 2011

Today I posted a story about the plight of a group of Amish men in Kentucky that were jailed as a result breaking a state law that requires them to affix a bright orange triangle to their buggy’s for safety and visibility purposes.

If they Won’t Leave the Amish Alone-They Won’t Leave Anyone Alone!

Problem is that these Amish subscribe to a strict Old Order Swartzentruber sect that prohibits sporting flashy colors or symbols and while they did place reflective tape on the carriages, that was not enough to satisfy the requirements of the law sponsored by Rep. Fred Nesler after some residents complained that they could not see the carriages well. It doesn’t seem to trouble Rep. Nesler that this law is impossible for these people to follow without violating their religious beliefs.

I wonder why Rep. Nesler seems more  attached to the orange triangle than the 1st Amendment?

Rep. Nesler see no problem with his law.  Other legislators disagree and wonder if there isn’t a way to solve this problem without violating the rights of the Amish.

This story was just released by the AP and posted at;

Lawmaker tries to find Amish buggies compromise

Republican Sen. Ken Winters of Murray told The Paducah Sun that he has asked legislative staff to look at laws in other states in an effort to find some common ground ( ).

Rep. Mike Cherry says;

“I think there may be some room to allow some latitude to the Amish and their traditional religious beliefs and customs,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the safety of all, but I think there’s some room in there to come up with a solution short of incarcerating these people.”

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