Race to the Top has too many strings, critic says

Kaye Beach

Sept. 30, 2011

Make that critics.

From the Tulsa Beacon, Sept, 29, 2011

Applying for federal funds to increase early childhood education is a huge mistake, said the leader of a grassroots organization that is determined to restore traditional values to Oklahoma education.
In 2009, Jenni White and Julie McKenzie of Oklahoma City formed ROPE (Restore Oklahoma Public Education) when they discovered the history of America’s Founding Fathers and basic civics was not being sufficiently taught through the Oklahoma PASS curriculum.
White spoke last week at a meeting of the Tulsa Area Republican Club and criticized a move by Gov. Mary Fallin and State School Superintendent Janet Barresi to apply for federal Race to the Top money for early childhood education.
Fallin and Barresi – both Republicans – announced that Oklahoma will submit an application to the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) program. RTT-ELC is a $500 million state-level grant competition designed by liberal educators who want to pump money into early childhood education.
Under RTT-ELC, participating states submit a detailed application to the United States Department of Education, outlining their plans to increase early childhood education. Should Oklahoma be chosen as a “winner,” the state would be eligible for a grant of up to $60 million.

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NewsOK Sept. 28, 2011

Letter to the Editor-

Grants equal greed

Listen up all elected officials! As of this moment we don’t want anything that has the word “grant” attached to it. The city wants a $17 million grant for the downtown rail station. We don’t want it! Now, Gov. Mary Fallin and state schools Superintendent Janet Barresiwant a $60 million grant for early childhood learning. It is a grant! We don’t want it!

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One response to “Race to the Top has too many strings, critic says

  1. They are both RINO’s…

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