Tonight Oct 7, 2011 on AxXiom For Liberty Live- “Control Freaks”

Kaye Beach

**Show Notes and links below**

Oct. 7 2011

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen-6-8pm CST

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We have a whole slate of great guests lined up for you tonight!
First we have Luke Lawrenson,  a bright 12th grader at Hugo High School, who might be a little too smart for his own good.  He is going to share with us the essay that got him , a smart 12th grader at Hugo High School, kicked out of his AP English Class.

Then we have Adrian Wylie from Florida.

Adrian Wiley, co host of Liberty Underground, an AM radio show on WTAN Clearwater Florida.
Adrian, also the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida took a stand against waiving his Fourth Amendment rights in the state of Florida in order to get his REAL ID card.
He went to court this week and will tell us what the outcome was tonight!

Pinellas Libertarian won’t get a driver’s license and he won’t stop driving

Next up is Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Director of OK-SAFE, Inc. and Vicky Davis ( a roundtable discussion on the technological restructuring of our government and the true implications of these changes.  What you hear from these two excellent researchers will take you off the beaten path by exposing some of the realities of the profound and bewildering changes taking place right now in our society.

Guess what?  It boils down to CONTROL.

Some relevant links;

The Rock the Revolution Tour kicks off on Oct. 15

Fall Concert to Benefit the HUGS Project – sending care packages to those troops deployed overseas.  OCT. 22 – 5 – 10pm at the Edmond Nat’l Guard Armory!/event.php?eid=270517602969309


Every Human is Being Enrolled Into a Single Global System of Identification and Financial Control


Activist Randy Kelton “railroaded” in rural Texas county; faces year in jail

www.reddirtreport.comBut as a reporter who has covered government in urban and rural areas of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, I can tell you the corruption in these rural areas is often very real and affecting real people.

Sometimes the dragon wins

by Michael Badnarik

Of the 300-plus millon people in the United States, those in the rapidly growing Liberty movement still make up a fairly small percentage. A small percentage of those people are metaphorical White Knights who bravely joust with the dragon of tyranny. Not surprisingly, if you piss off the dragon too much, he will breathe fire in your direction and toast you to a crisp.

Such is the unfortunate circumstance for my good friend, Randy Kelton, one of the hosts from Rule of Law Radio.

Read more


OK-SAFE Reports: Notes on First Joint Committee Meeting on Health Care Reform in Oklahoma

Electronic Health Records And the End of Anonymity

The Electronic Police State 2010 (a report)

An electronic police state is characterized by this:
State use of electronic technologies to record, organize, search and
distribute forensic evidence against its citizens.


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