On Loss of Belladier David Hall: Bells Must Be Ringing in Heaven

In Memory of David Hall, 1951- 2011

Kaye Beach

Oct, 12, 2011

David Hall, The Belladier, was called Home yesterday.  He was a servant of God and an inspiration to all who lives he touched.

Shelli Dawdy has written a beautiful article in honor of David Hall which I have re-posted below.

Rest in peace dear Belladier, it was my honor to know you.

David and Sandie, with friend Kaye, November 2010, Branson, Missouri

Belladier David Hall: Bells Must Be Ringing in Heaven

By Shelli Dawdy  (Grassroots In Nebraska)

I’m feeling, I think, only a small measure of the true loss to our country and the understandable sadness of a dear friend at the news of the death of Texan David Hall. Along with all of this, I’m feeling my own negligence in failing to introduce GiN’s readers to David and his family and encourage support of his efforts at an earlier date.

David’s death on Tuesday serves as stark reminder that life is all too short and we don’t have forever to honor the good works among us.

I’ve never met David, but I know of him through my dear friend Sandie, who in the last two years has kept me informed of David and his family’s work and, sadly, this year’s struggle against pancreatic cancer which ended his life. Sandie, I know, is suffering from understandable grief at the loss of such a friend and frequent colleague in many efforts over the last several decades to promote Constitutional governance and liberty. I know Sandie is engaging in much prayer, as she always does, and as David and family would desire, to speed David’s journey home and to wrap those he left behind in the Lord’s loving grace and peace.

While Sandie and David, along with others, engaged in many efforts throughout their long years of friendship, perhaps the most worthy and enduring will be the decision to obtain a full-size and fully-functional replica of the Liberty Bell in the late 90′s.

David and his family took charge of the Bell, investing a great deal of time, talent, and treasure in its restoration and placement on a flatbed trailer with large Ten Commandments tablets on either side. The Bell and its companion tablets traveled what now must total well over a million miles, for the simple, yet worthy purpose of honoring America’s fallen soldiers.

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