Smart Meters and Dumb Schools – AxXiom For Liberty Live! Friday Oct 21 6-8pm

Friday Oct 21, 2011 on AxXiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard

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Our special guest will be Jenni White President of R.O.P.E Restore Oklahoma Public Education.  Oklahoma is undergoing some drastic changes in our public school system that everyone should know about.  ROPE has been working diligently for some time to sound the warning about the problems with the Common Core State Standards.  What happens when activists like the ladies at ROPE hit the mark?  Well, sometimes the officials in the line of fire get a little perturbed.

That can be a little unnerving for the activists but I have learned that often it is a very good sign.  We will explain why.

Oklahoma Smart Meter Rollout

As you can see from this sign located in Del City (not El Reno), some Oklahomans are getting agitated over the new “smart meters”

Citing concerns with the health effects, privacy, safety and accuracy, some residents are telling their utility company NO!  They do not want the new meters installed and they say they are being told that unless they comply, they will lose service.

Howard and I will share what we know about the smart meters and smart grid with you Friday and take your calls.

Listen Live 6-8pm every Friday on Rule of Law Radio Network

512-646-1984 is the call in number.


Show Notes

Michael Badnarik is a Constitutional scholar, and the author of Good to be King, a beginner’s guide to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Michael travels across the country teaching his highly acclaimed class on the Constitution to growing numbers of people suddenly interested in “life, liberty, and property”

Michael was the 2004 Libertarian nominee for President of the United States, 2006 Libertarian congressional candidate in Texas, and was elected President of Continental Congress 2009, which met in St. Charles, Illinois to document government violations of the Constitution.

January 14, 2012 9AM – 6PM

at the Oklahoma State Capitol

150.00 per student (or 4 oz of .999 fine silver)

Each student receives an autographed copy of Good to be King, which is used as the text for the class.

Reserve your spot now-  Contact Howard Houchen at 580-317-5058 or by email at or Kaye Beach at 405-818-3224,  email for tickets.

Smart Meters/Smart Grid

Oklahoma Smart Meters Notes PPT

Oklahoma Smart Meter Info Swap on Facebook

This is a new Facebook group for Oklahoman residents who want to share information about the Smart Grid or the new Smart Meters being installed in this state.


Sept. 2, 2011 Guests-Patrick M. Wood -Technocracy and the global Smart Grid

Listen  A4L_2011-09-02_64k_partial.mp3


Republican Heresy?  Get a R.O.P.E!

You All Look the Same to Me

AxXiom’s Ten Rules for Activists to Live By


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  1. The sign pictured above is at Sooner and Reno in Del City, OK. Doc

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