Privacy or Panopticon? AxXiom For Liberty Live 6-8 pm CST

Nov 4, 2011

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen-

Privacy or Panopticon?

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Special Guest:

Amanda Teegarden, Executive Director of OK-SAFE will present to us the same information she revealed to lawmakers on Thursday at a joint committee hearing on the federal health care reform about what will happen to our personal health information under the federal health care reform law.

  • •}Health Care Reform – is really about the use of IT to implement a nationwide health information network (NHIN), that will enable the seamless flow of information across boundaries, and that allows a growing global surveillance system to function.
  • •}Electronic Health Records  – Reform is predicated on the creation of a standardized, interoperable electronic health record (EHR) on every single individual
  • •}Cradle-to-Grave – EHRs are used for data collection, aggregation and reporting and are intended to track a person from birth to death. (Longitudinal)
  • •}EHRs are universal and to be shared globally – not only within our government, but with foreign governments, universities, and other third parties.
  • •}Requires Standardization and Interoperability – to establish uniformity and compatibility in data collection, regardless of jurisdiction
  • •It gets really personal;
  • •}EHRs include each person’s genetic information – and will be used for research purposes without the knowledge or consent of the person
  • •}Rights killing – Health care reform, and other data collection networks, do an “end-run” around search warrants and nullify our inherent rights to life, liberty and property.

We will discuss this and other important facts about how health care reform has already impacted and changed  Oklahoma’s policies and governmental structure and take your calls tonight from 6-8 pm on Rule of Law Radio Network.

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Call In Number 512-646-1984


Show Notes

The Panopticon-

If you are not familiar with the concept of a panopticon, it is an illuminating example of the powerful tool of control surveillance is.

Jeremy Bentham, an 18th century utopian philosopher conceived the idea of the Panopticon; or, the Inspection House in 1791.  He described it as “a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example.“ and held that if the inmates believed that they were under constant surveillance, they would act as if they were, even if surveillance was non-existent.

Its method was a circular grid of surveillance; the jailors housed in a central tower being provided a 360-degree view of the imprisoned from a central guard tower where the watchers were obscured from the prisoner’s sight.  By making the watcher both invisible and unverifiable, it also rendered him virtually unnecessary.  Because the inmates believed and acted as if they were being watched, the actual watching becomes less of a requirement.

The scrutiny of surveillance is psychologically internalized.  We learn to monitor ourselves and conform.   “What matters is that he knows himself to be observed stated Betham.  In view of this, he laid down the principle that “power should be visible and unverifiable” 

Michael Badnarik’s Constitution Class, OKC.  Jan14, 2012

Healthcare Reform –
IT, Security & Privacy Issues/Concerns
  by Amanda Teegarden for  OK-SAFE.

Lawmakers Told OK Faces April Health Care Reform Deadline

Obamacare HHS rule would give government everybody’s health records

By: Rep. Tim Huelskamp | 09/23/11

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has proposed that medical records of all Americans be turned over to the federal government by private health insurers.

This time, America is learning about the federal government’s plan to collect and aggregate confidential patient records for every one of us.

In a proposed rule from Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the federal government is demanding insurance companies submit detailed health care information about their patients.

(See Proposed Rule:  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Standards Related to Reinsurance, Risk Corridors and Risk Adjustment, Volume 76, page 41930. Proposed rule docket ID is HHS-OS-2011-0022


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