Enhanced Driver’s Licenses-RFID Great Tool for People Tracking AND Thieves

Kaye Beach

Nov. 8, 2011

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, often it is referred to as “Auto ID”  That is because whenever it is comes into range of a RFID reader, it automatically coughs up its unique identification number and sometimes more.  RFID is a tracking device.  That is what it is used for. Tracking  inventory, livestock or anything that anyone wants to keep tabs on, this is what RFID does so well.  Despite all of the denials and even ridicule leveled at those who point out the great privacy and security weaknesses of this technology, the truth remains; RFID should never be coersively used on human beings.   Not on (or in) their person, clothing, library books, vehicles or any other items that they have associated with them.

The information in the following article and video is not new-anyone who has looked into the matter at all knows that the RFID chips can be read from afar, what is exciting about it is that the issue still raises concerns and that the media finds it interesting enough too cover.

There was a lot of attention paid to marketing this technology years ago.  The brilliant minds of marketers and public relations gurus studied the attitudes of people from various countries very carefully before prescribing a tailor made strategy to the Auto ID industry designed to gain the acceptance of these populations.  For the United States that advice was to make us feel that pervasive use of these tracking devices in our everyday live was inevitable.  That is how you get Americans to accept it, according to the masterminds of Fleishman-Hillard (slide 17)

Of course it is not inevitable.  Americans  need only to wave their tiny freedom loving fists and say “Back off”!

Former Oklahoma State Senator Kenneth Corn authored an Enhanced Driver’s License bill back in 2009 (it didn’t go anywhere) and the last two sessions in a row we have seen a widely popular anti- RFID bill killed for no other reason than the wishes of industry profiteers or on the ill-temperd whims of legislative committee heads.

This would be a  good article to share with your legislator.

Hopefully they will not be insulting like former Sen Tom Adelson who likening those with privacy concerns about RFID to people who wear tin foil hats.  I don’t know about you but I can tolerate a legislator with a prickly personality but the ones that are arrogant and too lazy to read a page for themselves just wear me out!

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses can be Scanned by up to 30 Feet

HotBedInfo, 11/08/2011

An episode on Global TV aired Sunday, January 25, 2011 about the dangers of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips found in Enhanced Driver’s Licenses, Passports, and Credit Cards.  The episode showed how anyone can put together simple electronics found online for a few dollars to grab your detailed information from as far as 30 feet away!

What is an enhanced driver’s license?

They are dual-purpose documents designed for the user’s convenience. In addition to serving as a typical driver’s license or ID card, they may be used to re-enter the U.S. at its land or sea ports when returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. This flexibility speeds your passage back across the border. They verify your identity and citizenship – no other proof is needed. Enhanced driver’s licenses and ID cards are among the federally approved border-crossing documents when entering the U.S. required under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

Enhanced Driver’s License ID Theft
These new Driver’s Licenses contain an RFID chip to allow speedy processing at border crossings.  Provinces of BC, Manitoba, and Ontario implemented them although they are not mandatory at this time.

A person could be sitting in a food court happily scanning away!  Granted that was 30 feet of open space but in a food court even within 10 feet, hundreds of people could be scanned.

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