NMA Bets Cities 10,000 Dollars that Simple Solutions Work Better than Red Light Cams

Kaye Beach

Nov. 26, 2011

If you do some research, I bet you will come up at least a little skeptical about those Red Light Cameras. There are some very simple ways to reduce dangerous red light running that does not involve the corrupting influence of the revenue enhancement devices which provide perverse incentives for NOT fixing easily correctable engineering issues that lead to the running of red lights in the first place.  Why treat the symptoms while ignoring the disease?

If you have an intersection where motorists in large numbers are blazing through reds, chances are that unless a large portion of the population suddenly became suicidal, there’s a simple engineering fix for that problem.

The National Motorists Association has been outspoken in their criticism of red light cameras and for good reason.  They know how to fix the problem and they have proven that their solutions work time and again.  So why aren’t cities clamoring for such inexpensive and effective solutions?

The NMA has now issued a challenge betting any city $10,000 that the solutions that they propose can get the job of reducing red light running done as well as the cameras or better.

 Group does not expect takers

The NMA, according to USA Today, isn’t holding its breath for a city to take it up on its bet. The group believes that because red light cameras are so profitable, no city is willing to risk its “gravy train.” According to a Jersey Journal article on NJLive.com, Jersey City, N.J., expects to make up to $7 million per year from its newly installed red light camera systems. The city of Atlanta, Ga., made $1.5 million from its red light cameras during 2009 and 2010, according to CBSAtlanta.

Read more –

National Motorists Association issues red light camera challenge


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